Geophilia architecture is designed for wellbeing in the vital, physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual level.

Sacred Geometry Architecture is designed like nature, improves your health and resonates with your spirit.

We blend ancient temple wisdom with nature symbols and forms - beyond the Flower of Life - to create the most harmonic design. 









Architectural natural design with health and technology

Ibiza, Spain
June 2024


Lydia + Arturo here.

We are holistic architects, researchers, teachers, writers, geometers and experts dedicated to helping you thrive in a space that can support your health and wellbeing, or get educated with the best science on how to design in the most harmonic way.

We are here to help you with the creation of the most harmonic space possible, linking building design and location with health and well-being.

If you are dreaming of an architectural firm that can blend science with ancient temple wisdom, and incorporate Healing and Biological Architecture, Sacred Geometry, Bioclimatic Design, Natural Building Materials and Auspicious Layouts you are in the right place!

After years of researching the true nature of Ancient Temples, we can help you with the design of Transcendental & Healing Spaces through recreating their complex advanced technology in modern times.



Get the best technologies hand picked by us after long-term research

Watch it and learn with Lydia

Learn how your health and your spirituality can be dramatically improved


Invest in your education and transform your reality. Learn how to create with the essence of nature, harmonizing spirituality and science.  Our methodology revolutionizes architectural principles, fusing the foundational elements of Sacred Geometry universal language with the wisdom of ancient temples and cutting-edge technology discoveries.  You will learn all about it!

Let us partner with you to create a space that will not only meet your needs, but also exceed your deepest dreams!!


With our love and dedication, we put all our hearts and souls into each project we take on to serve you better.


Integrating science and the energy worlds,  taking into account not just the physical, but also the emotional and spiritual aspects.


A conscious couple spiritual energy brings balance to every aspect of the process & design of your development.



is integrated by 3 deep analysis studies and 12 aspects of a holistic design process

3 Studies

  • Client analysis. You are one of the three key factors to take into consideration when designing your project. 
  • Land analysis. The land you pick, or you already have, is the second key factor to be considered. 
  • Architecture analysis.  Through an extensive Geometric Analysis, we know what are the exact proportions and ratios to be used in your project.

12 Geophilia Aspects 

  • 1. Sacred geometry.  We offer you our world-renowned expertise in sacred geometry design that will be reflected in your project. 
  • 2. Ancient design wisdom. Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui.  We integrate ancient design wisdom from Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui.
  • 3. Nassim Haramein Unified Physics. The most amazing groundbreaking discoveries of our century are those from the physicist Nassim Haramein. 
  • 4. Biophilic Design. Embracing the innate connection between nature and built environments, we prioritize integrating natural elements into our spaces. 
  • 5.  Dan Winter Fractal Design.  Dan Winter, a more than two decades very good friend, has pioneered the integration of fractal design principles into a unification scale law. 
  • 6. Environmental Medicine and Full Spectrum Architecture.  The integration of Environmental Medicine allows us to carefully select materials and finishes that are as natural as possible, with the lowest levels of off-gassing and negative side effects for health. 
  • 7. Biogeometry Ibrahim Karim.  Experience the transformative power of biogeometry in our design philosophy. Grounded in the principles of harmonizing energy and form, shapes our designs for optimal balance and well-being. 
  • 8. Biomimicry, Nature Wisdom.  Discover the innovation of biomimicry in our bioarchitecture approach. Inspired by nature's design brilliance, we integrate biomimicry principles into our structures. 
  • 9. Bioclimatic and Passive Design Strategies. Bioclimatic design is integrated in the building, in a way that the climate analysis as well as the microclimate of the area is one of the main guides for various choices, including orientation, materials, opening areas. 
  • 10. Natural and Ecofriendly Materials. We have the expertise and knowledge to propose adequate materials for every environment and project. Where design converges with sustainability, natural materials emerge as the cornerstone.
  • 11. Permaculture and Regenerative Design. We blend the harmonious Blueprints for Sustainable Living at the intersection of science, art, and ethics that lies the regenerative design and permaculture. 
  • 12. Healing Technology and Electroculture.  We have spent more than 20 years researching the best healing technologies available in the world. 

Nassim Haramein in Greece
May 18 - June 1, 2024
Greek Temples Initiation - a Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity!



Using the Geophilia Design System, we can undertake an architectural project starting with the best land selection, optimum layout, building and outdoor space design, interior design, according to the science of Space Harmonics + Sacred Geometry + Holistic Design.

Holistic Resorts and Hotels

Wellness Spas and Luxury facilities

Organic stores and farm to table restaurants

Temples for higher level of consciousness

Holistic Birthing Centers

Retreats, community facilities

Harmonic Homes and Residential 

Integrative Universities and learning buildings

Restaurants and high-end boutiques

Meditation and transcendental chambers



We have organized one of the biggest architectural congresses in bioarchitecture, organic design, Science of Sacred Geometry and holistic health in the prestigious Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico with more than +400 people from all around the world. 

3th International Congress Biological Architecture and Sacred Geometry

Online Worldwide
12 - 13 October 2024

This awesome event will give you the tools to harmonize your space and your life!  Imagine learning the deep meaning of a healthy space, a place filled with space harmonics, resonant frequencies and coherent emotions.  We will explore the science of life and how to elevate your house, building, spa, hotel into a higher level of coherence and well-being so that you can thrive in the best environment possible.  Be part of this experience and book your ticket here!

2nd International Congress Biological Architecture and Sacred Geometry

Wales UK
3 - 4 October 2009

The BioArchitecture Foundation presents Life Form: A day of presentations exploring biological architecture, holistic building systems and geomantic built environments followed by a day of interactive workshops in constructing energetically harmonious landscapes and life-supporting architecture.

Know more details 

1st International Congress Biological Architecture and Sacred Geometry

Mexico City
12-14 October 2007

It was held in Mexico City from October 12 to 14, 2007, at the Aula Magna of the Universidad Iberoamericana, gathering more than 400 people gathered to make this extraordinary meeting possible. With the presentation of five world experts on the subject: Architect Michel Rice from Ireland, Engineer Dan Winter from USA, Architect Oldrich Hozman from Prague, Architect Arturo Ponce de Leon from Mexico, Lic. Ninon Fregoso from USA. It was three days of deep exploration with the latest in Architecture and Sustainable Space Design.

Explore here



 a space dedicated to unraveling the wonders of sacred geometry architecture, opulent interior design, and spaces designed to improve your health and wellbeing. Here, we delve into the cutting-edge technology, trends, and methodologies in bioarchitecture that foster a seamless connection with the natural environment. Immerse yourself in a showcase of the most exquisite and groundbreaking designs, unveiling the potential of spaces that embody luxury and fulfill the vision of holistic design.

Let us help you create a space that you love, a place where you can thrive and be the best version of yourself!

GeoΦhilia is a project created for the love of Earth.

"... the passion and energy that brought us together from two sides of the planet, Greece and Mexico, is our love over 30 years for Sacred Geometry & Bio Holistic Architecture."

Discover Ancient Greece with Nassim Haramein, May 18 - June 1 2024, watch presentation with Dr. Lydia de Leon 

Watch the replay



Our team will empower you to bring your ideas to life

Unique, healing environments 


We can undertake an architectural project starting with the best land selection, optimum layout, building and outdoor space design, interior design, according to the science of Space Harmonics.

Online and Live Seminars 


We provide cutting edge education both by physical seminars and live retreats all around the world as well as through the Geophilia Online Masters.

Cutting-edge technologies


Along with a team of Professors and Scientists, we are doing in depth research to draw conclusions from the past as well as invent the future. 

Geophilia Presentation Anarchapulco 2023



At our architectural firm, a cohesive vision unites our diverse team of world renowned experts. We collectively aspire to create a world where harmonious living and personal evolution flourish, guided by the power of science and the principles of Sacred Geometry and clean technology. 

Nassim Haramein

Director of Research & Chairman, Resonance Science Foundation, CEO Torus Tech LLC 
"Since the first time Lydia contacted me years ago, I found her Ph.D. and research on geophysical anomalies and their effect on biology very interesting. The implications of her research and the measurements that her and her team are doing across the world in various natural sites and ancient monuments has a potential to have a significant impact in our understanding of biological systems relative to the geomagnetic dynamics of our planet and even to its impact on levels of awareness."
Nassim Haramein, Lydia de Leon, Arturo de Leon

Dan Winter

Electrical Engineer, Physicist, Researcher 
"I applaud and support Lydia and Arturo for standing up with us and demanding our universities and governments learn why humans and seeds cannot grow without the charge bubble / aura / cold plasma whose only sustainability arrives if their electrical environment serves that imploding fractal of charge. Otherwise, our gene pool will continue its catastrophic crash to no fertility and no health. Warmly - along with Lydia and Arturo - we thank YOU for caring about how we teach children."
Dan Winter, Lydia de Leon, Arturo de Leon

7 Secrets To Create A Sleep Sanctuary

Use this proven method to turn your sleep into a healing experience!

Book the power of sacred location

Check out our book! 


Discover the mysterious links between earth's fields, ancient temples and how to boost your health.

Special foreword from
Nassim Haramein &
Dan Winter !


Biohack your space!

Get the best technologies hand picked by us after long-term research

A Resonance Academy Course from Faculty Member

Dr. Lydia de León

A journey into Earth's fields, Natural Geometry, Archeoastronomy and Sacred Space


Valle de Bravo, México


Are you sick and tired of living in a city?
Are you feeling asphyxiated for the new government impositions over your true right of freedom?
Do you want your human right to have clean air, spring water, no electromagnetic pollution, safety and peace ?
Do you want to prosper and thrive ?

Sacred Geometry Symbols 
- Science with results - 
Case Study

In this project, which is an organic agriculture processing factory, we were invited to design the new extension where the seeds and products would be stored. We wove by hand a custom designed geometry with wires, and activated the floor with special powders. When seeds were stored in the new building we designed, the grew far more than seeds store in the existing buildings.

2 weeks , with NO geometry

2 weeks , WITH geometry

1 month, with NO geometry

1 month, WITH geometry



Sacred Geometry +Fractal Design

Integration of Client Analysis

Auspicious Layouts

Radiation + Remediation

Bioclimatic Design
+ Sustainability

+ Biomimicry  

Conscious Community Design

Transformative art
+ Space Harmonics 

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