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At our architectural firm, a cohesive vision unites our diverse team of world renowned experts. We collectively aspire to create a world where harmonious living and personal evolution flourish, guided by the power of science and the principles of Sacred Geometry and clean technology.

Ph.D. in Geobiology, Architect, MSc in Sustainability - Greece

Lydia Gian. de León

Is a Greek Architect and Wellness Coach, with a focus on the relation of buildings on health and well-being. She holds a Ph.D in Geobiology, on the subject of the effect of geophysical anomalies on biology and has published in peer-review journals and conferences. She also holds an MSc in Sustainable Environmental Design and she is a faculty member of Resonance Academy with the course “The Sacred Science of Ancient Temples”. She has been researching for 15 years the relation of ancient temples and their location, and she is the author of the book "The Power of Sacred Location". She is the creator of Healing Architecture and co-founder of Geophilia Institute.

Hello! I'm Lydia

Since I was very young, I was always fascinated by Ancient Temples... They looked this mysterious being, with so much to say, that I couldn't yet understand. I loved geometry, woven patterns, tesselation, geodesy, and the power of location and building space. Born in Greece, there is such an abundance of Monuments that mesmerized me...

I always felt very influenced by an environment, and soon realized that I had a deep sensivitivy which led to either being empower or weakened by a space.

I had big questions around this matter, and no matter what books I read, I didn't feel satisfied. I felt deep inside that there is more to it, there is a complex science that describes it, along with the power of symbols, geometry, and location that is directly linked with Temples.

My love for both Art and Science (mainly mathematics and geometry) led me to study Architecture, as I found that for me that was the only place that I could explore both. That was the begining of a theme that has been concurrent in my life, and has to do with a deep desire to nourish both my feminine and my masculine, both structure and fluidity, left and right brain hemispheres.

I felt very undernourished in Architecture School, as the way I looked at architecture had nothing to do with what I was taught... I felt very lonely, and not understood.

I also developped a passion for ecology and sustainability, which led me to AA School of Architecture in London, UK, for an MSc in Sustainable Environmental Design. It was a tough experience, that nevertheless gave me so many new important tools. I later worked as a Sustainability Consultant in big company in London, which gave me the freedom to apply in real time my passion.

Coming back to Greece, after a series of challenging events, I found myself moving into a new-built appartment. To keep the story short, some few months later I begun getting very sick physically. Through more research , I soon realized that various factors such as materials off-gassing, earth radiation, electromagnetic fields, space layout, geometry and color were severely affecting my immune system and my emotional health.

I dedicated my self to new education, training, and seminars around the world to link exactly that: how our building environment can affect our health and well-being. That led to the creation of Healing Architecture.

At the same time, I had a burning question inside of me, which was related to the effects of location on health and its relation to Ancient Temples, that had not been answered by anyone yet in a satisfying way for me. Meeting Dr. Stavros Papamarinopoulos, a Professor of Geophysics with the same interests, was the begining of my deep research PhD on the effects of geophysical anomalies on biology. The book "The Power of Sacred Location" was written based on this research, and finally I had some important answers for my burning questions...

The power of Sacred Geometry brought me together with my soul partner Arturo, from the two sides of the world, Greece and Mexico, and putting out superpowers together, we created Geophilia, a project for the love of the Earth.

I love to create healing and sacred spaces, sharing my experiences with people in seminars and events, as well researching further Ancient Temples...

Architect, Engineer, Psychologist - Mexico

Arturo Ponce de León

Is a Mexican Architect, Engineer, Psychologist and is a world leading expert in Sacred Geometry, which he has been teaching for 20 years and applying to architectural design in a broad spectrum of projects. He is the author of “Psychogeometry: the Power of Life”, “Biofractal: the Science of Sacred Geometry and Biological Architecture" and co-author of the author of the book "The Power of Sacred Location”. He is an international speaker in universities, conferences and seminars and a faculty member of Resonance Academy with the course “Cosmic Design: Linking the Micro, Meso and Macrocosm”. He is the founder of Psicogeometry, Arqka, University of Sacred Geometry and co-founder of Geophilia Institute.

Hello! I'm Arturo

A world renowned expert in Sacred Geometry, writer, visionary and entrepreneur dedicated to helping you become the best version of yourself both internally and externally, both in your internal world and in your house and office.

A born-and-raised in Mexico with a deep internal call to unify both science and spirituality, both the feminine and the masculine principles proud to have created the biggest Spanish speaking community in Sacred Geometry that has transformed the life of thousands.

Through five companies and online training programs with an audience in more than 30 countries, I help people like you transform your life into a meaningful healthy & happy one.

And how did I started all this?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been insatiably curious about human potential. I wanted to know, what exactly is it that makes our universe embed in us and how we can transform our internal and external reality. That is why I follow since I was 15 years old the wisdom and intelligence of the Code of Life, scientifically named Fractal Geometry.

I gave up the security of the 9-5 job in big corporations like Microsoft, GE Capital and American Express to follow my internal voice that inspired me to build from scratch more than five successful companies in the applications of Sacred Geometry to global solutions through healing & psychology, architectural design & construction, and education & teaching.

I have been completely devoted to my internal calling to expand the wisdom of this Code at the beginning only in Spanish to my close friends, family and later to all around Mexico, Latin America and Europe and lately with my amazing greek wife in English all around the world.

We met in a Sacred Geometry conference in the South of France in the most improbable conditions of synchronicity, since then we merge our decades of experience and research to make them fully available to you, to help you heal and embed your internal space with your external space. How is this possible? Because I was trained at the university as a psychologist and as an architect and I have been helping hundred of people like you for more than two decades.

I have been an active international exponent of this knowledge, through Universities, Congresses, Courses, Seminars, and Symposiums for over 20 years, both in places in America and Europe such as England, France, Asturias, Barcelona, Valencia, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, and Puerto Rico. My free time passion is diving, travel, mountain biking and doing yoga that is why I decided to build an off grid house in the middle of the forest, I love to be surrounded in pristine environments to be able to offer you the best of me for your healing and self-empowering, and for the inspiration of the best design of your house and office.

I have had outrageous teachers from all kind of philosophies and scientific backgrounds and they all have taught me how to connect deeply with our soul, our spirit. So thanks you for reading me and I am very happy to begin this relation with you.

Nassim Haramein
Scientist, Resonance Science Foundation - USA

Is a researcher of the universal dynamics of matter and energy, which led him on a journey toward pioneering a new approach to quantum gravity and continual developments in unified field theory.

Nassim dedicated most of his time to his independent investigation into physics, geometry, chemistry, biology, consciousness, archeology, and various world religions. Haramein’s dedication to scientific exploration combined with his keen observation of the behavior of nature led him to a specific geometric pattern which is at the core of his approach and new perspective in unified field theory.

Dan Winter
Scientist, Inventor - USA

Is an Electrical Engineer, graduate with honors from the University of Detroit. Dan pursued graduate studies in psychophysiology and the origin of languages. In addition to his academic background, he has worked as a Systems Analyst with IBM, an industrial metallurgist and crystallographer. He has undertaken many diverse studies, from quantum physics to modeling at the MIT space lab to developing the early biofeedback prototype equipment as Dr. Albert Axe’s protégé. Widely traveled, Dan has sojourned to study at the Gurdjieff School of sacred gymnastics, in Florence with Buckminster Fuller, the Gizah pyramids, Israel, the Andes and at Findhorn.

Aggelos Evangelou
MD, Professor of Medicine - Greece

Is a retired professor and emeritus of Physiology at the University of Ioannina, Greece. He has conducted specialized research on the effect of electromagnetic fields, both on their negative effects and on the ways in which they can be used to cure chronic diseases.

He has been scientific director of 11 national and 9 international projects. He has more than 110 publications in international journals and more than 360 publications in national journals, abstract books and proceedings of national and international congresses.

Stavros Papamarinopoulos
Professor of Geophysics - Greece

Is a professor of Geophysics at the University of Patras, Greece. He has done postdoctoral research at the Universities of Cardiff, New Castle and Oxford, has a PhD in Geophysics from the University of Edinburgh in the UK and a BA in Physics from the University of Athens.

He has conducted more than 250 geophysical investigations in Greece, England, France, Spain, Russia, Central Asia, Russia, Northeast and Northwest Africa, trying to locate ancient buried cities. He has published over a hundred scientific articles with numerous citations.

John Stuart
Expert sound engineer - UK

John Stuart Reid is an English acoustics engineer and co -inventor of the CymaScope, a laboratory instrument that makes sound visible.

He has studied the world of sound for over 40 years. He is one of only two men who have conducted an acoustics study of the Great Pyramid. The results were published in a research booklet titled “Egyptian Sonics”. In collaboration with dolphin researcher, Jack Kassewitz, John is presently engaged in pioneering research, attempting to decipher dolphin language using the CymaScope to create dolphin picture words.

Odin Ruz
Permaculture specialist - Mexico

Odin Ruz is the first generation of Permaculturist teachers in Mexico, his innovative work brings together talents in education, sustainable project management and ecosystemic regeneration and technological innovation. He is the grandson of the famous archaeologist Alberto Ruz L'huillier who discovered the tomb of Pakal in Palenque, Mexico.  We take permaculture to a regenerative level, in the design process we make site surveys, scopes and costs of the project, preliminary design of the project, technical memory, landscape architectural project, vegetation cover project, civil engineering, facilities project, rainwater collection and storage, wastewater treatment system and its reuse, automated irrigation systems, solar energy systems, project maintenance plan, topographic - hydrological survey, forestry survey.

Paolo Debertolis
Professor of Medical Sciences- Italy

Is in permanent staff of the University of Trieste (Italy) from 1987, Department of Medical Sciences. He teaches in the Degree Course of Medicine and Surgery and in the Degree Course in Dentistry and Denture. From 2009 he has been beginning a study in medical anthropology connected to ancient archaeological sites and natural phenomena in sacred sites. His main interest is in Archaeo-acoustics. It demonstrates sound occurrences projected by the builders of some ancient structures and also natural phenomena which can influence the psychological state of a person in a mystic state or during prayers and chanting. His research is also connected to the relationship between the environment or artificial habitat and the human body

Konstantin Korotkov
Professor of Physics - Russia

Is Professor of Physics at St. Petersburg National Research University of Informational Technologies, Mechanics and Optics in Russia and a senior researcher at St. Petersburg Research institute of Physical Culture and Sport. He has published over 200 papers in leading journals on physics and biology, and he holds 15 patents on biophysics inventions. He has given lectures, seminars and training sessions in 56 countries, presenting papers and workshops at more than 100 national and international conferences. He is the author of 9 books, translated to all European languages.

Carmen Boulter
Professor - Canada

Is a Professor at the University of Calgary in Canada. She teaches in the Graduate Division of Educational Research in the Faculty of Education. She has been researching and writing about the sacred feminine in ancient Egypt and goddesses around the world for 2 decades. Her book, Angels and Archetypes: An Evolutionary Map of Feminine Consciousness, traces fragments of information about matriarchal cultures in pre-dynastic Egypt, prehistoric Greece, and around the world. Dr Carmen Boulter is the creative fire behind The Pyramid Code. She is the Director, Producer, and writer of the series. Carmen has had an unshakable passion for Egypt traveling there 25 times.

Kleopatra Alamantariotou
Biomimicry Research & Innovation Founder -Greece

Is an expert in biomimetic design, to create nature based –nature inspired solutions as the most efficient way of accomplishing innovation. She is the Founder and CEO of Biomimicry Greece Research and Innovation Center, and active affiliate member in 22 countries in Singularity University.

Kleopatra participates in educational programmes at Bocconi University Milan Italy, Trinity College Dublin, Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT, John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health center for communication programs. She was a chief executive of health Innovation and quality improvement of Larisa University Hospital. Since 2016 she has been a global leader of NASA space in collaboration Open NASA innovation center.

Elvira Riego
Geometrician - Argentina

Is an expert Geometrician and technical designer, specialized in the area of Architecture and Geometry with more than 15 years of investigation of the divine human design, the energetic systems and its link with Sacred Geometry. She studied as a Social Worker at the National University of Cordoba in addition to Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu massage, gemmotherapy, Yoga, Taichi Chuan and Chi Kung. She has written two books: “Descorrriendo los veelos” (2006) and “El Camino de la Rosa” (2012). She is a consultant and researcher and has transformed Crop Circles into art.

Alejandra Caballero 
Architect - Natural Builder  - Mexico 

Study Architecture in the Popular Autonomous University of Puebla, winner of the "Francisco de la Maza Protection of Cultural Heritage" INAH in 1986. MacArthur Foundation Fellow from 1994 to 1997 National award for the "Earth Mother, Mother House Project" (Female, environment and self-help housing).

Co-author and compiler of the book "Handbook of self with straw bales" project director of the San Isidro: continuing education S. C., Professor of the Graduate "Architecture and Sustainable Design" at the Universidad Iberoamericana campus Santa Fe City. From 1988 to date designs and advises the construction of houses and ecological natural sets - permaculture in different states.

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