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Lydia Isabel de León, Ph.D. in Geobiology, Architect, MSc in Sustainability - Greece

is a Greek Architect and Wellness Coach, with a focus on the relation of buildings on health and well-being. She holds a Ph.D in Physiology on the subject of the effect on geophysical anomalies on biology and has published in peer-review journals and conferences. She has been researching for 15 years the relation of ancient temples and their location. She is the creator of Healing Architecture and cofounder of Geophilia Institute.


Arturo Ponce de León, Architect, Engineer, Psychologist - Mexico

is a Mexican Architect, Engineer, Psychologist and expert in Sacred Geometry, which he has been teaching for 20 years and applying to architectural design in all scale projects. He is founder of the companies Psicogeometria, Arqka and the University of Sacred Geometry and cofounder of Geophilia Institute. He is the author of two books, "Psicogeometria: el poder de la vida" (Psychogeometry: the power of life). (2004) and Biofractal: the science of Sacred Geometry and Biological Architecture" (2016). He is an international speaker in universities, conferences and seminars.

"... the passion and energy that brought us together from two sides of the planet, Greece and Mexico, is our love for almost 35 years for Sacred Geometry & Holistic Architecture.

Our common mission gave birth to the Geophilia Institute..."



Elvira Riego, Social Worker, Geometrician - Argentina 

is an expert Geometrician and technical draftsman, specialized in the area of Architecture and Geology with more than 15 years of investigation of the divine human design, the energetic systems and its link with the Sacred Geometry and the Sturgeon Geometry. She studied as a Social Worker at the National University of Cordoba in addition to Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu massage, geomotherapy, Yoga, Tahchi chuan and Chi Kung. She has written two books: Descorrriendo los veelos (2006) and El Camino de la Rosa (2012). She is a consultant and researcher and has captured in works of art designs of the Harvest Circles.


Stavros Papamarinopoulos, Professor of Geophysics - Greece

is a professor of Geophysics at the University of Patras, Greece. He has done postdoctoral research at the Universities of Cardiff, New Castle and Oxford, has a PhD in Geophysics from the University of Edinburgh in the UK and a BA in Physics from the University of Athens.  

He has conducted more than 250 geophysical investigations in Greece, England, France, Spain, Russia, Central Asia, Russia, Northeast and Northwest Africa, trying to locate ancient buried cities.  He has published over a hundred scientific articles with numerous citations.


Aggelos Evangelou, MD, Professor of Medicine - Greece 

is a retired professor and emeritus of Physiology at the University of Ioannina, Greece. He has conducted specialized research on the effect of electromagnetic fields, both on their negative effects and on the ways in which they can be used to cure chronic diseases. 

He has been scientific director of 11 national and 9 international projects. He has more than 110 publications in international journals and more than 360 publications in national journals, abstract books and proceedings of national and international congresses. 


Dan Winter, Scientist, Inventor - USA

is an Electrical Engineer, graduate with honors from the University of Detroit. Dan pursued graduate studies in psychophysiology and the origin of languages. In addition to his academic background, he has worked as a Systems Analyst with IBM, an industrial metallurgist and crystallographer. He has undertaken many diverse studies, from quantum physics to modeling at the MIT space lab to developing the early biofeedback prototype equipment as Dr. Albert Axe’s protégé. Widely traveled, Dan has sojourned to study at the Gurdjieff School of sacred gymnastics, in Florence with Buckminster Fuller, the Gizah pyramids, Israel, the Andes and at Findhorn.


Nassim Haramein, Scientist,  Resonance Institute - USA

is a researcher of the universal dynamics of matter and energy, which led him on a journey toward pioneering a new approach to quantum gravity and continual developments in unified field theory. Nassim dedicated most of his time to his independent investigation into physics, geometry, chemistry, biology, consciousness, archeology, and various world religions. Haramein’s dedication to scientific exploration combined with his keen observation of the behavior of nature led him to a specific geometric pattern which is at the core of his approach and new perspective in unified field theory.


Athens,  Greece , 11154


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