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Alongside an interdisciplinary team of Scientists, Professors, Engineers, Experts, we are dedicated in researching and carrying out experiments in Monuments around the world, so we can further understand their nature, their construction, their purpose and they way they can affect human biology. 

from Greece

Lydia Gian. de León 

I have a background in Architecture, (Diploma from NTUA), an MSc in Sustainable Environmental Design (AA School London) and Ph.D in Geobiology from the University of Ioannina, on the effects of Geophysical anomalies on health. My deeper interests in the relation of buildings and health led me to a series of trainings, further education and my Ph.D. research. I dedicated my time, energy and personal finances with much devotion. I am passionate about Temples, as I feel there are many unanswered questions around them which need to be answered in a scientific way through in depth experiments."

We now have the permit for exploring the Greek Τemples! 
After a few years of processes and difficulties, we finally have the permit from the Archeological Authorities to do extensive measurements and research in 50 ancient Temples in Greece, including Dodoni Oracle, Delphoi, Delos, the most important healing Temples of Asklipios, Temples of Apollo and many others.

Our Research Goals

  • DRAW CONCLUSIONS - through scientific experiments on Temples around the world, we aim to answer questions such as why ancient temples were situated in locations with particular geophysical properties that are measurable, what the use of geometry was (apart from decorative) and its relation to these anomalies, and how some locations seem detrimental for people and how other locations seem to result in healing?
  • PUBLISH SCIENTIFIC RESULTS - our team has great experience in peer-reviewed publications, and we aim to publish in scientific journal all our research, measurements, results and conclusions on the various Ancient Temples, so that they can be accessible and shareable. 
  • CREATE DOCUMENTARY - as the scientific publications can only reach a certain amount of people, we will film our journey in various Temples around the world, our measurements, and on the spot interviews from our team, to share it in a documentary or docu-series, so that it can reach a wider amount of people.

Our Measurement Protocol


In the first part we examine whether the temple is built on a geophysical anomaly. We compare the main geophysical parameters of the area of the Temple to the ones away from it, in order to see whether they differ. We carry out several measurements, including magnetic field, gravity field, ground electric currents, gamma radiation, air ions, radioactivity etc.


In the second part we are examining whether the measured biomedical parameters of physiology in humans before entering the sanctuary are differentiated after entering it and remaining there for at least half hour. We carry out several measurements, including various blood markers, saliva markeres, EEG, EKG, HRV, live blood microscopy analysis etc.

This research aims to show, in terms of Geophysics and Biomedicine, why those who enter and remain for a certain period of time in aparticular area of the temple "feel" so well. In other words, the subjective feeling will be quantified by objective biomedical measurements on people, whatever phenomenon is there. In this way, the subjective part of the well-being of those who visit the Temples, as an argument for self-submission or other unrelated causes is removed and the rules of science are added to any beneficial effect on the biomedical physiological parameters of the visitor.

Having scientific results on the nature, design and effects of Ancient Temples can allow us to re-create their technology through modern architecture, for the benefit of our health and well-being.

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Special foreword from
Nassim Haramein &
Dan Winter !

The Main Leaders

Our Research Team

Experts from Various Backgrounds

Our Full Team

Professor of Archeology at the University of Athens, Greece, Lillian Karali
Professor of Archeology at the University of Crete, Greece, Petros Themelis
Professor of Medicine at the University of Ioannina, Greece, Vasiliki Kalfakakou
Professor of Medicine of the University of Athens, Greece, George Chrousos
Professor of Medicine at the University of Athens, Greece, Polyxeni Nikolopoulou
Professor of Clinical Psychology of the University of Crete, Greece, Ioannis Nestoros
Professor of Medicine at the University of Salzburg, Austria. Gerhard Hacker 
Professor of Geology at the University of Vilnius, Lithuania, Rimantas Petrosius
Assistant Professor of Astrophysics at the University of Athens, Greece, Panagiota Preka 
Geophysicist Athanasios Liosis
Hydrogeologist Alexandra Vasilaki
Land Surveyor Dimitris Theodosopoulos
Physicist Dr. V.Tritakis of the Academy of Athens, Greece
Electronic Engineer George Sarantitis
Electronic Engineer Makis Kordomenidis
Geochemist Dr. Penelope Stavraki
Psychiatrist Nikos Stamatakis 

Ancient Temples are  a lost technology;  they were constructed, amongst other reasons, as an investment  for people's wellbeing.  

Dr. Lydia de Leon

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