Conscious Communities

Combining principles of Sustainability, Permaculture, Sacred Geometry, Biomimicry we bring to life the future of conscious healthy communities.

A holistic masterplan design is one of the most important parameters for creating a conscious community that supports the residents’ health and well-being.


The five levels of Conscious Community creation:

  1. Vital: Conscious Sexuality, Resources, Autonomy, Self-sufficiency, Off- Grid Design
  2. Physical: Permaculture, Bioclimatic Design, Sustainability, Biomimicry, Natural Materials
  3. Emotional: Community Experiences that focus on Respectful, Broad and Inclusive Interpersonal Relationships, Non Violent Communications
  4. Intellectual: Alternative Education, Cohousing, Professional Opportunities, Cryptocurrencies, 
  5. Spiritual: Sacred Geometry, principle of Diversity in Unity, with a commitment for Personal Development anchored in the field of Soul Consciousness and Planetary well-being

Centro Amma

Diana Elizabeth Norton

We cannot express how grateful we feel for the incredible work done by the Geophilia team. From the very beginning, they understood our vision and worked tirelessly to bring it to life. They way they integrated all aspects of the invisible and visible aspects of the project was remarkable. We feel very happy with the result!!

Earth Angel

Gus Vasilakis

Lydia, Arturo and the Geophilia team did a wonderful job bringing our project from an idea to reality they helped shape and brought innovative design cues which caught the essence and spirit of what we were building. We would definitely recommend Geophilia services to anyone looking to build their dream home or place of business. The team takes time to listen to their clients needs to understand what they are searching for. Their focus on sacred geometry brings an entire new energy to communities and completely breaks away from traditional community plaining.

Conscious Communities are the real solution for a sustainable future, healthy and happy people.

Arturo de Leon 

Are you ready to bring your dream
Conscious Community to life?

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