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Using the Science of Space Harmonics, we can create the most healing and transcendental spaces, reproducing the lost technology of Ancient Temples.

For 20 years we have been researching the deep truth behind the  Science, Design, Symbols and Function of Ancient Temples.  We found some answers in the western scientific world and others in eastern philosophical practices. 

Part of the answers came from Dr. Lydia's PhD, that was transformed later into our book, 
"The Power of Sacred Location" (find out more here) and
our seminar "The Sacred Science of Ancient Temples" (find out more here).


Our main focus for Healing and Spiritual Centre projects is creating spaces that have the highest level of harmonics and coherence, where people can receive energy tuning, healing, as well as feelings of bliss, serenity, peace and transcendence.

Blending modern science with ancient wisdom, we can achieve and re-create the technology of Ancient Temples, which we have decoded through our researach to four main pillars: Earth Link, Building Body, Design Form, Sky Connection.

  • We have the Science to create 

"sacred space", "healing space", "transcendental space" :
The Science of Space Harmonics

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Ancient Temples are  a lost technology; they were constructed, amongst other reasons, as an investment 
for people's wellbeing.

.Dr. Lydia de Leon 

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