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Using the Science of Space Harmonics, we can create the most healing and transcendental spaces, reproducing the lost technology of Ancient Temples.

For 20 years we have been researching the deep truth behind the Science, Design, Symbols and Function of Ancient Temples. We found some answers in the western scientific world and others in eastern philosophical practices.

Part of the answers came from Dr. Lydia's PhD, that was transformed later into our book,
"The Power of Sacred Location" and
our seminar "The Sacred Science of Ancient Temples"


Our main focus for Healing and Spiritual Centre projects is creating spaces that have the highest level of harmonics and coherence, where people can receive energy tuning, healing, as well as feelings of bliss, serenity, peace and transcendence.

Blending modern science with ancient wisdom, we can achieve and re-create the technology of Ancient Temples, which we have decoded through our researach to four main pillars: Earth Link, Building Body, Design Form, Sky Connection.


Co-Owners of Prism Transformational Retreats New York, NY 

Kathy Sempecos and Vasilis Mezini

Lydia and Arturo of Geophilia have played an instrumental role in incorporating the principles of sacred geometry in our Prism Retreat space. Not only did they do a full analysis of both myself and my partner, but explain every step of the way the philosophy, and how it is applied to the space, making it as harmonic as possible! This opened the doors to many other healing philosophies, which we have now incorporated in our project, as a result of working with Lydia and Arturo. Their professionalism, caring, and innovative ideas helped us to create a space which we know will be very successful and are proud to represent! We want to recommend Lydia and Arturo’s architectural design and consultation services highly for anyone interested in creating harmonic, innovative spaces for the positive new world that we are all trying to create! With much light love and gratitude to Lydia, Arturo and the whole Geophilia team.

 Centre of Clinical Hypnotherapy

Evangelos Dafopoulos 

Geophilia, after a holistic analysis of our space and our personal energetic blueprints, showed us perspectives and proposed solutions for our project that no other architect could have suggested. They did a special analysis of the space and most importantly they listened and connected deeply to both the space and to us. All the aspects of their design proposal were aligned with our energy as well as with the services we offer in the space, and it was all scientifically documented. They carry out their work with much love and respect, and their solutions are truly tailored to each person personally. They have an honest and clear view of things; they really permeate deeply into the space and its energy. They are two wonderful people with excellent professionalism. They have the talent and gift to imprint the aspects and subtleties of a client's soul and what the space itself really needs onto the architectural space.

Ancient Temples are  
a lost technology; they were constructed, amongst other reasons, as an investment 
for people's wellbeing.

Dr. Lydia de Leon 

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