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We can undertake an architectural project starting with the best land selection, optimum layout, building and outdoor space design, interior design, according to the Science of Space Harmonics.


Organic Products Factory Owner

George Antonopoulos

Antonopoulos Farm has been cultivating organic since 1985 with native and ancient seeds.

After many years of research, I realized that the seeds and products needed to be stored in an special energy space to be activated. In this, the help of Geophilia, of Lydia and Arturo was requested and Sacred Geometry, as well as many other techniques and design was applied.
A big thank you for your invaluable help !

Keme Ix Chakra Healing Hotel 

Jordi Vilar

In Keme IX we are very grateful with the divine synchronicity that was generated in relation to our project that was created with the intention of service to the Great spirit and the expansion of consciousness of humanity. In our search for the development of our architectural project, we hired Geophilia, as well as the design according to the principle of Sacred Geometry of our land and concept. The creation of a mandala, with the vocal frequencies of the founders, has been a great contribution to our project, since the energy and frequencies distributed in our Holistic Chakra Healing Center are of great support for our sessions of spiritual emotional healing work.

Are you ready to bring your
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