Transcendental Chamber

Our signature product, designing a special room with the best and strongest geophilic strategies, to create a place for you with the highest Space Harmonics.

Have you ever dreamt with a perfect place where you can feel you are closer to the pure energy of the Cosmos?

That is what you will feel in the Geophilia Transcendental Chamber.
We will make an analysis of all the existing rooms in your house and decide according
to our analysis which room is the best to transform it from a normal room into a Transcendental Chamber.

That means we will not change the structural walls or the ceiling of the room but we will completely renovate every single square centimeter of walls, floor and ceiling to be a perfect fractal cavity resonator. 

Sacred Geometry

We weave by hand Sacred Geometry personalized patterns and mandala with highly pure gold, silver, copper, and other metals wire in the floor, walls and ceiling


 We place precious gems and stones that resonate specifically with your
internal configuration in all
the crucial intersection points 

Person + Room Analysis

We use specific charts that determine which elements are the best for a specific space, and accordingly colors, geometries, style, crystals and object choice

Transformative Art

We create customized art that is made specifically for you and the chosen room, based on the analysis we have done, to promote transcendence and
activate your mission.

Fractal Materials

We paint with a mixture of completely natural paints free of toxic volatile compounds and a mix of rock and crystal powder that will completely regenerate your electromagnetic field every time you enter in this sacred place. 

Space Harmonics 

We add special devices, objects, and a patented technology of plasma sound so you can listen the best music amplified by plasma energy, in order to create the highest levels of Space Harmonics.

You will literally have all the wisdom we gathered in four decades of research concentrated in one sacred room. 

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sacred space, healing space, transcendental space  The Science of Space Harmonics

Ancient Temples are a lost technology; they were constructed, amongst other reasons, as an investment for people's wellbeing.

- Dr. Lydia de Leon - 

Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Persefoni Aishwarya Simeni

"The Transcendental Chamber of Geophilia is an extra ordinary experience of such a supportive and healing space.. I could never have imagined how beneficial it would be! As a person who runs all day, suddenly I wanted to stay there, feeling completely relaxed and inspired! This sacred work from Lydia and Arturo, helped me to be more focused and stable, qualities that I needed very much in my life!

This precious for me room, a small but miraculous room, where I can be myself! All the crystals, sacred geometry and everything they did there, has an amazing effect to my whole existence! When I seat there to meditate, I immediately feel connected and inspired, beautiful ideas and solutions come to me, my visions and intuition are highly awakened!

I am so grateful that I decided to make this gift to myself, living in a city, this feeling is priceless- no radiation, incoherent energies and disharmonies. Deep Gratitude to these amazing Beings, Lydia and Arturo!"

Are you ready to bring your Transcendental Chamber to life?

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