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Pillars of bio architecture design

Sacred Geometry + Fractal Design

Fractal Geometry and Sacred Geometry is the study of the mathematics of life. It is a metaphor for the ordering of the universe: the study of the proportions, patterns, systems, codes, and symbols that underlie as the eternal source of life of matter and spirit. It is the genesis of all forms of life.

Unified Physics is the scientific basis for understanding why it is so important to design in accordance with the microcosm and macrocosm in both mathematical proportions and geometric designs.

We design with Sacred Geometry because we mimic the structural dynamics of the Universe and apply it to architecture so that present and future constructions embody the same energy flow. It only makes sense to design with the same geometric logic that the whole Universe does.

The bio fractal design of the universe is not restricted to a range, the Universe is alive in varying degrees of magnitude - and the scientific community of unified physics explains it mathematically. Knowing this, the way we design allows us to fit in the electromagnetic and gravitational torus of our physical body, the space we inhabit, the planet Earth and the Solar System.

In the Geophilia design we integrate principles of Sacred Geometry and Biogeometry to create the most harmonic and healing spaces, and support in the best way possible the health and wellbeing of the users.

Integration of Client Analysis

Having a clear reading of the desires and symbols of the people involved, knowing the coherence between the thoughts, emotions and actions of people to guide them makes the generation of greater welfare and abundance in the place, as well as forms the guidelines for the basic geometry, proportions, dimensions, optimal templates for the architectural design of the project, colors, as well as plants and trees.

We use the following techniques:

- The five element chart can help us understand which elements are in excess and which ones are lacking, and gives us in depth information in order to make choices of colors, shapes and ambience, so we can achieve high coherence between the building users and the space.

- The voice harmonics analysis provides a geometric mandala processed with specialized equipment, that we can use in various aspects of the design.

- The comprehensive psychological analysis of the true meaning of any project for the client, reveals their deepest desire and the way to best manifest it. Being aware of these desires will help us to overcome obstacles through the design, building and inhabiting of the space. 

Auspicious Layouts

An analysis of the people with the place is made according to ideal considerations of Vedic architecture (Sthapatya Veda) and Oriental architecture (Feng Shui) as well as a study of the East-West system, proposing remedies for the place to strengthen the people.

In the design phase, we incorporate strategies for auspicious layout, according to ancient techniques, in order to create the best flow of movement and energy.

Auspicious areas are fortified through the use of color, shape and layout, and inauspicious areas are harmonized in order to create high levels of Space Harmonics.

Solar orientations and their different qualities are taken into consideration, as well as the chart of the building which gives us specific information on how to best create the most harmonic energy. The five element philosophy is also used to create generate the best choices for healing environments. 

Artificial & Earth Radiation Measurements + Remedies 


Earth has a natural electromagnetic field, which is generated by the variation of the earth layers’ rotation velocity. Most of the earth’s inner core mainly consist of liquid iron. The geomagnetic field has a specific magnitude, but it has been observed that specific anomalies of various types and specific geology can cause this field to have very different values. The human brain contains magnetite, and the human blood iron, factors which show that we receive constant influence from magnetic anomalies. According to Dr. Lydia's PhD research, which was published in the book "The power of Sacred Location" (find more here), this field can have negative or positive effect on the plant and animal kingdom, as well as on humans.

In a geobiologic study, we will locate areas for possible development, geophysical anomalies, explosion/implosion points, ideal areas for construction and distribution of spaces. We will identify areas that can be negative for health and wellbeing, so they can be avoided in the design phase for areas of construction.


In modern times, humans are exposed daily to a mixture of radiation:

- High-frequency (wireless) electromagnetic fields (non-ionizing radiation) from mobile phones, wireless phones and Wi-Fi modems, mobile phone antennas (there are in every neighborhood, smart devices, bluetooth, smart meters, alarm systems, microwave ovens, wireless gaming consoles, radio and television broadcast antennas, radar, baby monitor, etc.
- Low-frequency electric and magnetic fields from transformers and PPC cables, cables for household electrical installations, electrical panels, electrical and electronic devices, heating systems, etc. (non-ionizing radiation)
- Radioactivity (particles a, b, radiation c, X-ionizing radiation) from building materials, X-rays, subsoil, radon, nuclear accidents, etc.
Through the use of specialized technology, we perform detailed measurements of the above radiation. According to the analysis of the result and the specific space function we propose various remedies in order to minimize the effects they can have on biology. 

Bioclimatic Design + Sustainability

Bioclimatic design is incorporating climatic and local environmental data into architectural choices. According to bioclimatic design "less is more". The best orientation and the correct selection of materials due to their thermal properties and passive design strategies like proper ventilation, can lead to in an ultra comfortable house / building. Optimum material specification and its correct position in the design can result in reduced energy consumption and consequently lower maintenance costs.

Bioclimatic design is integrated in the building, in a way that the climate analysis as well as the microclimate of the area is one of the main guides for various choices, including orientation, materials, opening areas. Furthermore, according to the climatic needs, various passive design techniques are incorporated in order to minimize the heating and cooling loads.

The integration of Environmental Medicine allows us to carefully select materials and finishes that are as natural as possible, with the lowest levels of off-gassing and negative side effects for health. That way, we create spaces with high air quality that assists the wellbeing of the users. 

Permaculture + Biomimicry 

In our design we incorporates the wisdom of the principles of permaculture with the aim to create a regenerative land and project.

The project will not only sustain itself, but that gives back to the Earth and to its people. We will observe the dynamics of the structure of the elements, that is, how the different elements that make up that system behave over time.

This approach includes capturing and storing energy, allowing the greatest accumulation of material resources (water, soil, nutrients, plants, animals) with the least human intervention. Good design means more free time.

By imitating natural processes and forms, one may create manmade environments which co-exist harmoniously with their surrounding environment, these are the principles Biomimicry relies on.   

Conscious Community Design

A Conscious Community is the sum of two concepts, a human settlement rooted in an ecological construction. It is not the stacked bricks that give meaning to a community but the intention which determines its daily functionality. The sense of indissoluble unity- symbolic, real, imaginary of a fractal community- is not only to protect from the environment and socially bind us but to generate an awakening of the increased capacities of human consciousness, specifically the capacities that correspond to the superior intellect, superior emotions and superior sexuality.
Our aim is to synthesize all the various parameters in order to create holistic new clusters where people can thrive. It is a space where the principles of permaculture, biological architecture, spiritual development, sustainability and a sense of brotherhood exist in harmony.

The five levels of Conscious Community creation:

1. Vital: Conscious Sexuality, Resources, Autonomy, Self-sufficiency, Off- Grid Design
2. Physical: Permaculture, Bioclimatic Design, Sustainability, Biomimicry, Natural Materials
3. Emotional: Community Experiences that focus on Respectful, Broad and Inclusive Interpersonal Relationships, Non Violent Communications
4. Intellectual: Alternative Education, Cohousing, Professional Opportunities, Cryptocurrencies,
5. Spiritual: Sacred Geometry, principle of Diversity in Unity, with a commitment for Personal Development anchored in the field of Soul Consciousness and Planetary well-being 

Transformative art +Space
Harmonics Technologies 


We design special customized art, based on the charts and reading of the building, as well as the particular function, in order to create pieces that can transform the energy of the place, and create high levels of Space Harmonics. (See examples here)
These also serve to beautify the ambience of the building, as well as to transform the energy into a more coherent state.

Geophilic Art utilizes:

- Sacred Geometry, through use of particular patterns with specific proportions that mimic those found in nature, in the microcosm and the macrocosm
- Fractal Materials, through the use of natural paints, high quality metal alloys (copper, silver) along with Geophilic Dash powders (see more here)
- Space + Person Analysis, through the use of specific charts that determine which elements are the best for a specific space, and accordingly colors and geometries


In our modern times, there is a big load our bodies need to manage, including artificial electromagnetic fields and other types of non-coherent energy. In Geophilic design, we use specific technologies, devices and other techniques to mitigate the negative side effects and harmonize the space so it can be best supporting the health and wellbeing of its users.

Apart from mitigating the negative side effects, the purpose of specific strategies is to increase the levels of Space Hamonics (learn more here), otherwise called the coherence, or harmony, replicacting the knowledge that comes from our research of Ancient Temples (learn more here) of how to create sacred space or transcendental space.

Some of these techniques include the use of highly piezoelectric rock powders, crystal and metal dusts like the Geophilic Dash (learn more here), and weaving entire floors or walls with fine threads of precious metals to create networks of specific personalized geometries. 

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