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Geophilia Architecture

We can undertake an architectural project starting with the best land selection, optimum layout, building and outdoor space design according to the science of fractality, up to the construction details and photo realistic renderings.


 1. Bioclimatic Design and Sustainability

Bioclimatic design is incorporating climatic and local environmental data into architectural choices. According to bioclimatic design "less is more". The best orientation and the correct selection of materials due to their thermal properties and passive design strategies like proper ventilation, can lead to live in an ultra comfortable house / building. Optimum material specification and its correct position in the design can result in reduce energy consumption and consequently lower maintenance costs.


2. Fractal Geometry Design and Space Harmonics

Nature uses the best geometric patterns to create life. We can either imitate those process and structures like biomimicry does or we can take all that information and go a step further: link the geometric properties of a structure with its cultural meaning and integrate it within the soil properties, its specific location, the astronomical arrangement to generate a biological capacitor. That is a place that can empty and regenerate its electromagnetic field.

By measuring the fractality of a space and the bioresonance of its materials, we can provide specific solutions for the overall scope of a place. Taking into consideration since the beginning of the design process subtle but important geophysical factors we can landscape avoiding geopathic zones and promoting the best location for each space. 


 3. Remediation & measurement of radiation  

Through the use of specialized technology, we perform detailed measurements of both artificial and natural radiation. According to the analysis of the result and the specific space function we propose various remedies in order to minimize the effects they can have on biology.


4. Integration of personal charts and analysis of the space

We carry out a comprehensive psychological analysis of the true meaning of any project for the client, revealing its deepest desire and the way to best perform it. The charts analyzed can help us understand the hidden or not recognized desires that may want to express in the project. Being aware of this desires will help us to overcome obstacles through the design, building and inhabiting of the space. The 5 element chart and space chart can give us in depth information in order to make choices of colors, shapes and ambience, so we can achieve hi coherence between the building users and the space.

Previous Proyects

14 years of experience in Latin america and Europe through Arqka, the creator of Biological Architecture main concept.

and through Healing Architecture in London and Greece


Athens,  Greece , 11154


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