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The Temple of Asclipieion Kos 

One of the most important Temples in ancient Greece were the Asclipieia, dedicated to god Asclipeios.

Asclipeios was the son of Apollo, and was trained by the Centaur Chiron in healing since he was young.

The temples of Asclipeios were healing sanctuaries, were various techniques were used such as dreamwork, magnets, transdermal herbs, music and psychodrama. 

Our research shows that the Asclipieia were placed in powerful geophysical locations, over faults and underground streams, using earths energy for healing. 

The Asclipieion of Kos was one of the most powerful ones, as Hippocrates, the father of medicine, and direct descendent of Asclipeios, was born there. 

Hippocrates received his training there, and later he created a famous school of Medicine in the land of the Asclipieion.  
The sacred spring is still running today, clearly showing that the temple was built over underground water.

We measured some proportions of the temple plan with @geometricmodels special compass and found various golden ratio ones. 

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