Consultation for Architects + Firms

As specialists on Space Harmonics, we add value acting as consultants to provide detailed studies, fractal geometry, and expertise for architects and firms all around the world

If you are an architect or a firm we are very willing to consult you as specialists on creating harmonic spaces, using the pillars of Geophilic design that can be applied in any type of project.

We can assist you from giving personalized fractal geometry grids that can be the vessel for your design, guidelines for harmonic layouts, sustainability and passive design strategies, up to all the tools for measuring the subtle but crucial influences of electric and magnetic fields in your client’s land.

Lydia  +  Arturo

One of the most amazing experiences is to co-create in a team with different specialties the best possible solution.

Through creativity and passion, it is always possible! 

We have been working with an international group of people and different universities around the world in synchronic and synergetic cooperation.

We love to share and communicate effectively with multi disciplinary teams and we have been doing it for more than 20 years.

Let us help you in the project you have so you can give to your client that extra mile of personalized deep studies that you are missing.

Are you ready to take your project
to the next level?

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