8 -19 November 2023


12 Day Self-Awareness Temple Tour
Yoga & Nile Sailing Retreat 

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A 12-day retreat that promises to change your life. Are you ready?

Join us on an unforgettable soul journey in the sacred land of the pharaohs, Egypt ~ Ancient Kemet!

Imagine traveling through time and space, traversing the same routes as the ancient mystics did seeking enlightenment and truth.
A self-discovery journey through magnificent pyramids, temples, yoga, and sound healing sessions on a luxurious boat floating across the river Nile, self-awareness gatherings, cultural events, local tribes, crystals and so many more.

An unforgettable experience!

Indulge into unique experiences, from flying on an air balloon above the infamous Luxor ~ ancient Thebes & the Valley of the Kings, to bonfires and swimming in remote islands on the Nile, that will regenerate your body and mind.

Unlock the Mysteries of Ancient Temples
in the Heart of Egypt

An unforgettable retreat in the enchanting land of Egypt, where Lydia and Arturo joined by Persephone, Loukia & Mahmoud will guide you on an extraordinary journey through the ages.

Delve into the secrets of ancient temples, unlocking their profound wisdom from the past to the present day.

Video intro!

Meet your Retreat Team

Join  Lydia & Arturo  in this 15 min intro, where we connect live with the rest of the Egypt team: Persephone & Loukia, holistic and spiritual coaches, as well as Mahmoud, our local Egyptian guide.
Hear directly from us f what you’ll see, experience and expect from this unique journey through ancient Egypt.

Join us stepping through this portal of transformation with intention
& know that you are ready.

Ready to see. Ready to feel. Ready to remember. Ready to be! 

Unveiling Ancient Wonders

Lydia & Arturo will go deep, sharing their wisdom and research of over 15 years (including a PhD), answering these burning questions: 

- How were these architectural marvels constructed, and why were specific locations chosen with meticulous precision, employing distinct materials?
- What is the mesmerizing concept of sacred geometry, and why was it intricately woven into the fabric of ancient temple design?
- Why did our ancestors, as well as mystics and skilled artisans of later generations, invest substantial time, energy, and resources in erecting these awe-inspiring structures?
- Were these temples solely dedicated to divine worship, or did they serve more intricate and profound purposes?

What makes this retreat special ?

Lydia and Arturo will share unique wisdom and science regarding the various Temples of Egypt, that has never been shared before.
-> We will dive into aspects of earth energies, Sacred Geometry, Archeoastronomy, special qualities of the Temples building materials, to name a few!
-> We will do unique Temple activations to return the Temples to their original frequency as well as receive the special fields that these structures emanate! 

This unique retreat...

  • is an once in a lifetime experience to follow the awakening path of the Pharaohs and mystics of ancient Egypt, the throat chakra of the world, primarily connected with the values of expressivity, creativity and inspiration.
  • is the ideal opportunity for all those in search of their unique authentic truth, beyond any programming and limiting beliefs imposed by societal, educational & cultural conditioning.
  • is a journey of knowing ourselves in the most intimate, luxurious and expansive way, whilst being supported in our mental, emotional and spiritual unfoldment. Not only will we savor unforgettable experiences together, but will also be provided with a wide array of methods and interactive tools that will facilitate our path to healing, mental and emotional wellness & ultimately balance.
  • is an invitation for a profound and lasting transformation through chakras alignment and activation, yogic practices and sound healing, crystal & aroma therapy as well as conscious purpose coaching.

On this magical journey...

we shall pave our way from the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx towards Osiris temple in Abydos and the Flower of life site, to be followed by a Nile cruise on a luxurious Dahabiya boat and visits to Hathor's Temple at Dendera, Sekhmet's shrine in Karnak, Luxor temple, and many more sacred sites, quarries, desert, remote islands and tribes.
We shall ultimately arrive at Aswan & the infamous Philae Temple, to then conclude our journey at the Princess Island with its majestic transcendental energy and vibe.

Some highlights of our retreat:

Yoga sessions

Persephone will help you discover tranquility through Hatha Yoga's poses, deep relaxation with Nidra Yoga, and flow with Vinyasa Yoga's dynamic sequences.

Nile cruise

Our Nile cruise will be on board a 5* luxurious Dahabiya boat, with all services included.

Hot air balloon

Soaring gently over the iconic Valley of the Kings, you'll be treated to a mesmerizing sunrise backdrop, casting a golden glow on the historic temples and tombs below. 

Overcoming limiting beliefs

Loukia will be providing us with practical tools on transcending limiting beliefs and unleashing our true potential along with breathwork, visualizations and related talks.

Local guide

Mahmoud will be guiding us through authentic cultural, culinary and spiritual experiences, from mystical music rituals to traditional delicacies and sacred sites.


Egyptian cuisine comprises of a vast variety of vegetables, beans, meat and fish, thus making it absolutely compatible with all kinds of nutritional preferences.


Our itinerary will take us from the famous Giza Plateau to mystical Abydos, and then from Luxor to Aswan on a luxurious Nile sailing experience.

The vast change of scenery touches upon historical sights, magnificent pyramids, mystical temples, contemporary cities as well as remote islands and tribes.

It is an absolute and unforgettable feast for the eyes and soul of the beholder. 

The Great Pyramid in Giza

One of the most incredible buildings in the world, with precise proportions that embed all important sacred numbers, the Great Pyramid stands as an enigma to the world with many aspects to decode!

Abydos Temple

Abydos, an enigmatic Egyptian site, boasts captivating relics, including the Osireion and intricate hieroglyphs. A spiritual center with historical significance, it beckons history enthusiasts to delve into its timeless mysteries.

Osiris Temple

is the highest prominence in a series of three connected landforms extending south to Granite Gorge, namely Osiris Temple, Horus Temple, and Tower of Set. The western flanks of the landforms drain into regions of Lower Ninetyfour Mile Creek & Canyon; the eastern flanks drainage is into Trinity Canyon.

Dendera Temple

otherwise called Sanctuary of Hathor, is a staggering old Egyptian Temple situated in the city of Dendera, around 60 miles north of Luxor. Committed to the goddess Hathor, the sanctuary is a demonstration of the persevering through power and impact of this significant god in old Egyptian culture.

Valley of the Kings- King Tut's Tomb

The tomb KV62, located in the Valley of the Kings, is a royal Egyptian tomb that houses the mummy of Tutankhamun. Discovered in 1922 by Howard Carter beneath the remains of workers' dwellings from the Ramesside era, it was spared from looting during that period

Temple of Esna / Khnum

The remains of the Temple of Esna contains a hall of columns with 24 pillars beautifully decorated with lotus floral capitals and palm capitals. The walls are covered with 4 rows of reliefs, showing Ptolemaic and Roman Emperors dressed in Pharaoh costumes, offering sacrifices to the god Khnum.

Edfu Temple

Is fronted by two massive pylons that bear scenes of Ptolemy XII conquering his enemies and worshiping deities. Two large granite statues of the falcon-god Horus stand before the pylons. Once through the pylons you enter into a large Peristyle court lined with columns decorated with floral capitals.

Silsila Temple

The rock-cut temple of Horemheb is referred to as the Great Speos and may have been created in a former sandstone quarry. The temple is dedicated to seven deities, including Amun, the local god Sobek and Horemheb himself. Later rulers included further scenes and inscriptions to this structure.

An incredible chance to receive wisdom and science from an amazing team of 5 unique informational leaders! 

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What's Included in your Package

  • 11 nights accommodation in 5 star hotels in Cairo and Luxor
  • Visits & meditation in sights of interest, like temples, pyramids, sacred chambers etc
  • Daily yoga classes
  • Daily meditation classes
  • Daily pranayama classes
  • Sailing the Nile with luxurious & exclusive Dahabiya boat
  • Hot air balloon experience in Luxor
  • Essential oils & aromatherapy initiation in Cairo
  • Attendance in cultural events (subject to their availability)
  • Meals in luxurious restaurants both in Cairo and Luxor
  • Breakfast
  • Airport pick-up and drop-off
  • Transportation during the retreat
  • Water, tea, coffee served throughout the day
  • Specialized workshops
  • Group excursions/activities
  • Welcome drink
  • Pre and post retreat support from our team

What's Not Included in your Package

  • Travel insurance
  • Flights costs
  • Visa fee
  • Additional activities not included in the itinerary
  • King's Chamber entrance in Great Pyramid of Giza

The 5-star Steigenberger Nile Palace is situated in the heart of Luxor and provides modern accommodation with stunning views of the Nile. The spacious rooms are air-conditioned and feature satellite TV. Most rooms have a balcony and all are filled with natural light.

5* accredited hotel

Spacious and comfortable double bed as well working space

Air conditioning is provided to ensure your comfort.

Free access to high-speed Wifi

Your Guides in this Journey

Dr. Lydia Gian. de Leon
is a Greek born Holistic Architect,  Coach and Temple expert, with a focus on the relation of buildings on health and well-being. She has been researching for 15 years the relation between ancient temples and their location, as well as decoding their true nature and function through a new lens blending scientific research and ancient wisdom. Her mission is to help people “Return to the Temple”. She is the cofounder of Geophilia.

Arturo Ponce de Leon
is a Mexican Architect, Engineer, Psychologist and is a world leading expert in Sacred Geometry, which he has been teaching for 20 years and applying to architectural design in a broad spectrum of projects. He is the author of several books, an international speaker and an expert on decoding and applying Sacred Geometry. He is co-founder of Psychogeometry and Geophilia. 

Persephone Aishwarya
is a Greek holistic yoga and meditation teacher, with a degree in Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology at the University of Athens. Her approach to Yoga is a form of a holistic approach that impacts upon all levels of human beings – the physical/material, the emotional and the intellectual. She offers classes that combine practices from Ηatha Yoga, Satyananda Yoga, Vinyasa as well as meditations and satsangs.

Loukia Pappa
is a Greek renowned business strategist and transformational life coach with extensive international experience. She  utilizes her people & crisis-management skills in a more holistic & transformative, focusing on overcoming limiting beliefs and achieving your full potential through neuroscience and transcendence related tools & methods, breathwork, visualizations and talks.

Mahmoud Marai
is claimed to be one of the last Egyptian desert explorers, with a total desert driving distance of 300,000 km in extreme harsh desert topographies.He has been exploring and travelling the deserts since 1998. He has followed the illusive ancient forty-days road from Darfour to Aswan. He also explored northeastern Chad, the Ennedi and Erdi massifs, discovering amazing pre-historic sites. 


Participants are required to fly to Cairo International Airport (CAI).

The visa can be issued either online or upon arrival at Cairo International Airport & costs 25 dollars per person.

November is probably the best time of the year to travel to Egypt, because the weather is moderate and pleasant both in Cairo and around the Nile valley. Rain is not to be expected at this time, usually, the weather is warm in the morning and comfortable at night.

Clothing should not be too revealing out of respect to the local culture. A wide smile and positive attitude/interactions with the local communities are always appreciated and welcome.

Light comfortable clothing and footwear, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, headlamp, swimsuit, power bank, any personal medication needed.

Egypt uses 220V outlets, therefore visitors coming from countries using 110V need to bring an adaptor with them. Electricity will be available throughout the trip, also on board the Dahabyia boat.

What our fantastic group say from 2022

"If you are looking for a retreat that offers healing on multiple levels and you are open to expand your horizon both physically, mentally and spiritually, then grab the chance and enrich your life with this unforgettable experience.
The wisdom knowledge and the unique qualities they bring on board are unmatched."

"A total uplifting and unique journey! Mahmoud, Loukia and the whole exceptional team are experts in their field and able to create the right
environment so that everybody can feel safe and comfortable enough to connect with them and each other in a deep and authentic way. It was simply amazing, beyond all expectations!"

"What a privilege!!! Mind -blowing information and practical methods of connection with the resonance fields of these temples. 
Tears of remembrance… your words felt to me like I was coming home. Beautiful and necessary information to remind us of the Temple that I AM WE ARE. Thank you so much!"

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Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to embark on a transformative retreat in the mystical land of Egypt, where the ancient and the modern converge, and where the secrets of the universe are waiting to be unveiled.

Join us on a voyage of discovery that will forever change the way you perceive the world.

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