Is the system that will take your project to the next level. It is a holistic and world-renowned unique system that integrates 3 profound analysis studies and 12 key aspects of a holistic design process. This system is continuously evolving, bringing the best healing technologies and bio architecture resources to you.

3 Profound Studies

  • Client analysis. You are one of the three key factors to take into consideration when designing your project. We do a very dep analysis of the people involved in it to allow conscious choices in the design phase in a way that best supports you. This includes, among many others, a five element chart; voice harmonics analysis; holistic and comprehensive psychological and numerical analysis; the design of a power symbol that can be turned into a logo.
  • Land analysis. The land you pick, or you already have, is the second key factor to be considered. All lands are different and here we analyze the visible and invisible aspects of it. After more than 5 years of research our team developed a patented system that takes into consideration geophysical maps and geobiological locations to know what to avoid and where to place the structures that we are designing. Life has order. A divine order. So does your design must have. We include an auspicious layout reading and application of the wisdom of Mesoamerican and Oriental Architecture, Sthapatya Veda, Feng Shui as well as a study of the Form School system, to better understand the qualities and of the place.
  • Architecture analysis.  Through an extensive Geometric Analysis, we know what are the exact proportions and ratios to be used in your project. Sacred Geometry symbols will be obtained to be applied from the general to the particular design. Hand by hand with you, we will create a proper Architectural Program, Conceptual Design; Masterplan; preliminary architectural design; interior holistic design, among others.

12 Key Aspects

  • 1. Sacred Geometry.  We offer you our world-renowned expertise in sacred geometry design that will be reflected in your project.  Through the power of proportions and mathematical principles we will achieve high coherent resonant energies to create spaces that resonate with the process of life so you can inhabit more harmoniously and create the necessary environment for a healing space. 
  • 2. Ancient Design Wisdom and Temples. Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui.  We integrate ancient design wisdom from Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui. These time-tested principles guide us in creating spaces that foster harmony and well-being.  Join us as we blend the richness of traditional knowledge with modern design, aiming to craft environments that resonate with balance, elevating your levels of positive energy and prana.
  • 3. Nassim Haramein Unified Physics. The most amazing groundbreaking discoveries of our century are those from the physicist Nassim Haramein.  We work very close to his theories and his team, so we can apply his revolutionary knowledge into the harmonic design of any architectural endeavor.
  • 4. Biophilic Design. Embracing the innate connection between nature and built environments, we prioritize integrating natural elements into our spaces.  Biophilic design goes beyond aesthetics; it's about enhancing well-being by incorporating greenery, natural light, and organic materials. We blend architecture that harmonizes with nature, creating spaces that inspire tranquility and promote a sense of balance.
  • 5.  Dan Winter Fractal Design.  Dan Winter, a more than two decades very good friend, has pioneered the integration of fractal design principles into a unification scale law. Linking the micro and the macro.  His visionary work draws from the science of how structures generate the essential fractal field—a life-enhancing force. We integrate his theories into harmonic designs that transcend mere aesthetics; it becomes a conduit for vitality and life force. By weaving sacred geometry, natural ratios, and growth patterns, we create spaces that resonate with life itself. 
  • 6. Environmental Medicine and Full Spectrum Architecture.  The integration of Environmental Medicine allows us to carefully select materials and finishes that are as natural as possible, with the lowest levels of off-gassing and negative side effects for health.  That way, we create spaces with high air quality that supports wellbeing. This holistic approach goes beyond “green architecture” to embrace the very essence of existence. As we reimagine our urban landscapes, let us heed the symphony of fractals, harmonizing our structures and designs with the pulse of life.
  • 7. Biogeometry Ibrahim Karim.  Experience the transformative power of biogeometry in our design philosophy. Grounded in the principles of harmonizing energy and form, shapes our designs for optimal balance and well-being.  By incorporating geometric patterns inspired by nature, we create spaces that resonate with coherent energy and enhance the overall living experience. 
  • 8. Biomimicry, Natural Design .  Discover the innovation of biomimicry in our bioarchitecture approach. Inspired by nature's design brilliance, we integrate biomimicry principles into our structures.  Mimicking nature's efficiency, resilience, and sustainability, our designs not only pay homage to the environment but also enhance the functionality and eco-friendliness of our spaces. With this advancement your space will blend with the genius of the natural world. By imitating natural processes and forms, one may create manmade environments which co-exist harmoniously with their surrounding environment, this are the principles Biomimicry rely on.   
  • 9. Bioclimatic and Passive Design Strategies. Bioclimatic design is integrated in the building, in a way that the climate analysis as well as the microclimate of the area is one of the main guides for various choices, including orientation, materials, opening areas.  Furthermore, according to the climatic needs, various passive design techniques are incorporated in order to minimize the heating and cooling loads. Solar orientations and their different qualities are taken into consideration, as well as the chart of the building which gives us specific information on how to best create the most harmonic energy.
  • 10. Natural and Ecofriendly Materials. We have the expertise and knowledge to propose adequate materials for every environment and project. Where design converges with sustainability, natural materials emerge as the cornerstone. Natural materials, from wood to stone, clay, and metals, are found in nature and offer a profound connection to our planet. We use hempcrete, with its rapid growth and low carbon footprint, bioplastics, as an insulation marvel. We seek materials that don’t harm us or our planet. They embrace a future where architecture breathes life, sequestering carbon and resonating with eco-consciousness.
  • 11. Permaculture and Regenerative design. We blend the harmonious Blueprints for Sustainable Living at the intersection of science, art, and ethics that lies the regenerative design and permaculture. These intertwined disciplines offer a profound shift in how we envision and create our human habitats. Permaculture is a design science rooted in the observation of natural systems, and guide us toward more resilient ways of living, mirroring the stability and adaptability of ecosystems. Regenerative design, a broader perspective within which permaculture thrives, transcends mere sustainability. It seeks harmony with nature, not just preservation. By observing natural patterns, we learn to create efficient, no-waste, closed-loop systems. These systems—whether in gardens, urban homes, or watersheds—become regenerative engines. They heal the planet, nourish generations, and honor the delicate balance of life. 
  • 12. Healing technology and Electroculture.  We have spent more than 20 years researching the best healing technologies available in the world.  We incorporate phi ratio vortex water harmonizers and a special additive fractal dust in cement mixtures to transform your environment with more coherent morphogenic fields. We apply broad-spectrum devices that help you block electro-magnetic pollution and 5g radiation as well as products that enhance life and help you prosper even in the most unfortunate conditions.    Electroculture,  when is correctly applied, can generate a fractal field that will nourish the electromagnetic body of plants and make them grow faster, healthier and more abundant.


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