International Congress on 
Biological Architecture and Sacred Geometry

The best information for improving your health in your house, office, hotel, spa, retreat center.  Learn the Science of Life applied to elevate your space harmonics and the resonant frequencies of everything around you.  We bring you the best teachers and researchers in the world of architecture, sacred geometry, interior design and holistic health.   

3th International Congress Biological Architecture and Sacred Geometry

Online Worldwide

12 - 13 October 2024

This awesome event will give you the tools to harmonize your space and your life!  Imagine learning the deep meaning of a healthy space, a place filled with space harmonics, resonant frequencies and coherent emotions.  We will explore the science of life and how to elevate your house, building, spa, hotel into a higher level of coherence and well-being so that you can thrive in the best environment possible.  Be part of this experience and book your ticket very soon here!

2nd International Congress Biological Architecture and Sacred Geometry

Wales, UK

3 - 4 October 2009

The BioArchitecture Foundation presents Life Form: A day of presentations exploring biological architecture, holistic building systems and geomantic built environments followed by a day of interactive workshops in constructing energetically harmonious landscapes and life-supporting architecture.

1st International Congress Biological Architecture and Sacred Geometry

Mexico City

12-14 October 2007

It was held in Mexico City from October 12 to 14, 2007, at the Aula Magna of the Universidad Iberoamericana, gathering more than 400 people gathered to make this extraordinary meeting possible. With the presentation of five world experts on the subject: Architect Michel Rice from Ireland, Engineer Dan Winter from USA, Architect Oldrich Hozman from Prague, Architect Arturo Ponce de Leon from Mexico, Lic. Ninon Fregoso from USA. It was three days of deep exploration with the latest in Architecture and Sustainable Space Design.

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