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Module 1


Welcome to the first module of the Geophilia Master!

A fascinating journey into the realms of the link between the microcosm (the infinite small), the macrocosm (the infinite big) and the mesocosm (our dimension at human scale).  

In this module you will learn from the basic understanding of integrative science to the most discussed theories and practices of philosophers and scientists regarding the integration of the subtle worlds and our physical reality.
The axis that articulates them all is fractality. It is understood as a vital geometric repetitive self-aware process, which through feedback and feed forward creates more and more possibilities of natural expression.
This first module is the philosophical stone from which everything else will emerge. Through sacred geometry drawings, mandala visualizations and a clear understanding of very complex theories expressed in a flowing way, you will have the tools to reinterpret your own internal and external reality and be able to create a holistic approach of your own life. 


What is science? What is conscience? Rupert Sheldrake and the 10 dogmas of modern science: materialist, cartesian, dualist.  Noam Chomsky and the 10 manipulation strategies.  Greg Braden and the Divine Matrix. What is fractality?  What is the length of Planck? The Caduceus Aureus, origins and solutions.  Negentropy vs entropy. Nesting of waves and DNA. How to generate a fractal heart and have an immune health? Bioacoustics and the health of ecosystems. Kundalini relationship, heart, endocrine system. Sacrocranial therapy. Conjugation of phase and coherence in life. What is gravity? Mathematics of the golden quantum field. The cause of gravity: the fractality of love. Symmetry dodeca / icosa vs cube / octahedral symmetry  


El Naschie and the aurea quantum mechanics. Garret Lisi and the mandala E8. The dodecahedral universe. Bob Dratch and molecular superconductivity. Phil Callahan and paramagnetism. Andree Crosse and abiogenesis. Korotkov and the GDV. Negative ion therapy. Sentics by Mandred Clynes: the geometric origin of emotions . The fractal electric field. The great conjugate fractal of the unified field. Platonic solids and the periodic table of the elements. Viktor Schauberger and the science of water implosion. Microwave communication. The equations of Navier Stokes. The frequency cascade of life. The effect of immortality. What is the universe? What is a biological capacitor?  The 4 constants of Kluver form before dying 


Homunculus and the brain fractal. Bob Dratch and the scientific measurement of kundalini energy.  Bioplasma and the bioactive field. Dan Winter and the wave fractal nesting theory. Synchronicity: the fractal unfolding in time. Separatist physics and the physics of unification. Nassim Haramein and the universe holo-fracto-grafic. Theories by Nicola Tesla, Wilhelm Reich and Rupert Sheldrake. Bruce Lipton and the biology of belief. The origin of Energy. Quantum Physics. The Standard Model of Contemporary Physics. The Gravity of the macrocosm and the Quantum of the microcosm are united. The unit of measurement of the Universe are the Planck Units. The Force of Gravity exists on the Quantum scale, in the smallest. Gravity is the product of a whirlpool; the implosion / explosion is of a torus. Planck scale fundamental harmonics. The Architecture of the Universe works by the geometry of a torus. Discover the Geometry of Space / Time. The tetrahedron as the geometric minimum unit. 


The Flower of Life and the Fuller Model . The hexagonal and triangular. The dynamics of the Universe: the compression of a cube / octahedron in an icosahedron / dodecahedron. The tetrahedron and Teotihuacán. Planck Spherical Units and the Flower of Life . A civilization that raises stones of thousands of tons?  Two paradigms in the Architecture of the Universe. The Isolated vision. The Fractal vision that connects the microcosm with the macrocosm. The cuboctahedron is the ideal geometry of balance. The 2d only exists as a concept. Evolution of scientific thought . However, modern physics has a flat universe as a paradigm. Where does the reductionist vision originate and how to go beyond it?

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