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Dan Winter's Fractal University 2024

Geophilia online presentation "Sacred Geometry Architecture: The Science of Space Harmonics" 

Anarchapulco 2023

Geophilia Presentation, Acapulco Mexico

Greece Singularity Retreat 2023

Nassim Haramein & Dr. Lydia de Leon

Ark Crystals 2021

Interview - Dr. Lydia de Leon & Andrea Melone

The Greater Reset 4 Conference 2023

Geophilia Presentation, Morelia Mexico

TNT Interview 2024 

Dr. Lydia de Leon and Arturo Ponce de Leon

Your Space affects your health 

Dr. Lydia de Leon

We are more than matter 

Dr. Lydia de Leon

Ancient Temples are a transcendental technology 

Dr. Lydia de Leon

Dan Winter Testimonial +20 years work with Arturo Ponce de Leon 

Testimonial - Dan Winter

The Portal Podcast 2023

Interview - Geophilia & Kalina Lux

Presentation Clip

Resonance Delegate Gathering
Mexico 2019 Tulum  

At the end of a beautiful Temple adventure with Nassim Haramein, Dr. Lydia presented her research on what are the basic elements of Temple design and what are the possible real functions of Temples, at the beautiful hotel Grand Velas. 

Sacred Geometry & Mathematics of Transcendence 2021

Presentation Arturo de Leon- Breakthru Technologies

Aisha Rosen - Geophilia Design System 2021

Interview - Geophilia & Aisha Rosen

Architecture as Environmental Medicine 2022

Interview- Dr Lydia de León & Rene Stevens

The Sacred Blueprint Series 2022

Interview - Geophilia & Aisha Rosen

Fractal Field Conference 2019 France Presentation

Presenting at Dan Winter's annual Conference on the Sacred Science of Ancient Temples and how it can be applied on Modern Architecture to create healing and harmonic spaces. 

4D Talks Spirituality 2023

Earthen Hand Podcast 2022

Interview - Geophilia & Scott Howard

Interview for Thrive Podcast 2020 with Olga Muller

Dr. Lydia shares on this interview about her life path, how she didn’t start to pursue what it is she loves until she had lost literally everything in her life - her job, relationship, health. This low point in her life, going through a massive depression and struggling with a severe health situation forced her to turn inwards and discover herself, her true path and the way to manifest a happy, healthy and wealthy life.

Interview in From Chaos to Peace Podcast 2020 with Conny Graf

Dr. Lydia discusses in this interview about how science and spirituality are merging, how we have the science to connect architectural design with health and wellbeing⁣ as well as how to create a space that is the most harmonic.⁣ 


Sacred Convos Episodes 2020

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