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Welcome to the third module of the Geophilia Master!

A deep journey into the realms of geometry, music, color, number, waves,
and how they all interconnect

In this module, we will explore in detail numbers, proportions and their meaning, and we will see how they relate to the human body, nature, and their universe.

We will look into primal design elements and how they relate to biology.

Gradually, you will discover the science and geometry behind color, and how it relates to waves and light. 

Then, we will link Sacred Geometry with sound and music, so you can understand how frequency is the code that connects human ears and the planets.

Finally, you will draw various geometries and fundamental patterns, to apply all the knowledge in this module, to shift your brainwaves and help you reach a state of coherence.

Lessons Module 3

    Mathematical constants in Sustainable Geometry: phi, pi, euler. Geometric constants in Sustainable Geometry: √2, √3, √5. Golden ratio. Rectangle, golden spiral and archimedean spiral. Origin of symbols in religions. Pentagon and the golden number. Triangle, golden oval. Mathematical formulas for phi, the golden number. Harmonic rectangles: auron, diagon, hemidiagon, quadrigon. Harmonic relationship and extensions. Analysis of commercial logos. Sustainable Geometry in the human body. Male and female reticulated harmonic. Human face and aesthetic mask. Art and Sustainable Geometry. Phi in plants (philotaxis) and in animals. Stellation and correspondences of platonic solids. Star Mother: the secret of life. Thirteen Archimedean solids and horizontal toroids. Seven laws of creation : Vacuum Law; Law of unity: unified field; Law of self-recurrance; Law of polarity: complementary opposites; Law of containment: Flower of Life; Pattern of Genesis; Distribution Law: Pentaflower; Fractality Law.

    European, Hindu and phenomenological geometric order by contraction and expansion. Cymatics, the science of transforming sound into geometry. The physics of consciousness. Magic squares. Archaeological astronomical orientations. Primary unit of measure: Planck length by the exponent of the golden ratio or by duplication.. Primal design element: the five basic functions. Primordial Design Geometry: toroid and cubo-octahedral / dodeca-icosahedral matrix. Activation with the corresponding vibration of each color in the body and healing of internal organs. The spectrum of frequencies and the range of human sensory perception. The color and its geometric origin. Relationship between the external world and the internal world: the identity of the Being
    Electromagnetic waves: longitudinal, transverse and scalar. Electromagnetic spectrum. Characteristics of a wave: frequency, amplitude, signature. Frequencies and geometric shapes. The geometric origin of the color . Difference between RGB color and CMYK. Color empathy. Chromaticity diagram. The elementary forces: electricity, gravity and magnetism. How to change entropy by centropy. Geometric lines of primary, secondary and tertiary colors. Relationship of mandalas, chakras, sound and color. Geometry of the chakras, the toroids and the endocrine system. Measurement of light and the "real" scale of the light / sound ratio. Wave interference and how the events in our life are concatenated from these laws. Understanding the sound waves and their relationship with our daily life.

    The relationship between music and Sacred Geometry. The sacred proportions and the musical intervals. Range of concordance frequencies between the brain and the ear: the brain language. "Music of the spheres". Bineural tone. Method of diagnosis and healing with the study of the tonal note. Psychological and geometric meaning of colors. Music history. Central concepts of music. The mathematics of music. Understanding the sound waves and their relationship with our daily life. Healing correlation table for sound therapy. The relationship between music and Sacred Geometry. The sacred proportions and the musical intervals. The different musical scales. The golden ratio in the design of musical instruments. The musical scales and the resonance of the Earth.
    Range of concordance frequencies between the brain and the ear: the brain language . Correspondences of brain waves, sound and visible light. Harmonic spectrum of the Earth. Musical scales and resonance of planets. "Music of the spheres". The musical scale and its relation with architectural measures. What is a binary tone? How are sound waves produced? What is the frequency and amplitude of a wave? What is a frequency cascade? What is the sonic star? Enneagram music mathematics. Favorable and unfavorable responses to binary induction tones. Technique of octavation of a note to reach higher or lower ranges of perceptible range. Obtaining the musical value of a chemical element: implications and uses. What is the study of the tonal note? Law of Three or relationships. Law of Eighth or transformations.

    Law of Eighth and natural cycles of life. Musical scales and geometric relationship. Diapente, diatesaron and diapason. Brain / ear frequency range. The language of the brain wave. Spectrum of frequencies. Fourier and the frequency cascade. How is a frequency octave. Relationship of chemical elements and their frequency. Notes and wave frequency in relation to Fibonacci. Cretan labyrinth and musical notes. Colors and tones in real scale by octavation. Correspondence of brain waves, sound and light. Musical scales and resonance of the Earth. Planetary musical comparisons. Spectrum of harmonics of the Earth
    Stroke Technique and Holographic Vision. Exercise 1: strokes with the golden number a) golden cut line b) golden rectangle c) golden spiral. Exercise 2: traces of geometric constants: √2, √3, √5. Exercise 3: Traces of the Flower of Life a) Genesis pattern: Seed of Life b) Flower of Life c) Tree of Life d) Fruit of Life e) 5 Platonic solids: f) Mother Star g) Bull pipe. Exercise 4: trace of the Pentaflor a) Pentagon b) Pentagraph (five-pointed star) c) Pentaflower. Exercise 5: Strokes for Design a) square and rectangular harmonic extensions b) rooting the line: harmonic relationship. Exercise 6: Templates of the 5 platonic solids and Archimedean solids. 

    Archetypes of design in strokes from 1 to 10. 0. The point. 1. The one: the monad. 2. The two: the dyad. 3. The three: the triad. 4. The four: the tetrad. 5. The five: the pentad. 6. The six: the hexada (dodecagon and dymaxion). 7. The seven: the heptad. 8. The eight: the address. 9. The nine: the ennead. 10. The ten: the decade 


The complete Curriculum of the Master in Geophilia

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