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Water Structuring

The Imploder is a  water treatment device combining Sacred Geometry with magnets to provide the most structured water!

Transforms normal water to the most bioavailable water.

The Imploder magnetic water treatment device produces a measurable and validated effect on plant growth, seed germination success, and biomass yields. It is unique technology that combines a magnetic array with a directional nozzle made from the very tough material called Fortron.
The science is based on phase conjugate hydrodynamics, combined with phase conjugate magnetics. The extreme converging magnetic flux lines create the centripetal inertia at the liquid molecular level sorting by mass, resulting in the increase molecular order and spin density.
Domestic use to purify and re energize town-supplied water.


How does it work?

The flow of water is passed through THE IMPLODER and voila! The water is vivified.
This powerful technology has a magnetic array with a single output. The combination of these forces creates "implosion", the ordering and conjunction of phases of the water forces, creating an intense flow of centripetal lines that results in an increase in the dynamics of rotation and the size of the water "clusters" .
THE IMPLODER provides the nutrients required by the plant as it causes a “de-clustering” effect in the water, known as the “efficient absorption effect” and “oxide-reducing potential”. That is, it makes the water more energized and soluble. We have demonstrated in independent laboratory tests positive effects of up to 300%. 


Who can use it?

All people who want to improve their quality of life!
Use it in all agricultural applications, including hydroponics and greenhouses. Also in the food and health industry (anti-aging effects), breweries, vineyards (for rapid fermentation), sewage treatment, water purification, swimming pools, ice rinks, snow production, running water (use it in the bathroom, you will feel energized).
It can be used to increase fuel efficiency, in hydrogen generation, in oil production, and in seed storage related to the phase dielectric conjunction.
Developing communities will have a powerful element to increase efficiency in cultivation fields, food and water purification. In the near future, each farm, community will have THE IMPLODER installed to energize and magnetize the water. 


Is Imploder water good to drink?

It can be used for water for human consumption, because it energizes the water and increases its ability to hydrate the body. It will reduce growth and slime deposits. Note: the IMPLODER does not filter water from impurities such as chlorine. First you would have to put on a filtering system. However, we are testing to confirm that the IMPLODER increases the speed at which solid and gaseous pollutants secrete, settle and evaporate.
It tastes and feels like fresh spring water for a fraction of the cost of a bottle of water.
IMPLODER water is healthier to drink because it has a smaller molecular cluster size and a higher solubility index. Several people have reported health benefits. Even the color returns to people with gray hair because greater sulubility means greater minerals in the hair and bones. There may also be benefits for arthritis sufferers.


What is the scientific basis behind it?

The science of the fractal field.
Scientist Viktor Schauberger's dream has finally been realized. THE IMPLODER is the first technological innovation tool based directly on the equation that creates a hydrodynamic and magnetic implosion. THE IMPLODER is based on phase conjunction hydrodynamics combined with phase conjunction magnets where equal poles attract. Yes, the equal poles attract each other when they are at the proper octahedron angle. The converging magnetic flux lines create a centripetal inertia at the molecular level of the water, which translates as a spin cycle and this orders the mass. The result is a dramatic increase in molecular ordering and spin density.

Enjoy the best water ever!


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