An additive enhancer, composed of special crystals, activated through a special patented procedure.

It increases the fractality and electromagnetic capacitance of concrete, paint or other building material.

Benefits of Fractal Dash

  • Creates sacred space, applicable to any room or space- especially supportive for meditation, healing spaces.
  • Reduces the negative side effects of EMF, including 5G
  • Increases Space Harmonics
  • Validated through scientific studies
  • Patented technology

Fractality is the ability of living structures to store the electromagnetic field, the field of life.

The Fractal Dash with a 9-foot effective harmonic field, negates the disruptors of the 5G field technologies. It signifies a breakthrough as the most effective paint additive we have ever tested.

Fractal Dash is safe, non-toxic, and 100% environmentally friendly.

Mixed into paint changes the entire dynamics of the painted surface. It creates a shielding blanket of Space Harmonics, which builds the foundation for a 5G, EMF, and a transient energy-free environment – An actual experiential, sacred space.  

Fractal Dash is the best tool for rooms that are depleted due to EMFs, electrosmog, spherics (weather generated frequencies), geopathological fields, cellphone pollution or dissonant emergy patterns.
Perfect for homes, large rooms, work environments, meeting spaces, meditation rooms, sanctuaries or anywhere you want to create the most energetically enhanced environment possible.

Anywhere you want to support and promote mental clarity, purification, concentration and a meditative clear energy environment.


EMF Effects on Rats

In this experiment, rats were tested to analyze the effects of EMFs on longevity and the effectiveness of the fractal dash technology.

The control group, with no EMF exposure, lived for five months on average.

The group with EMF exposure, but no mediation, lived the shortest, for three months on average.

The group with EMF exposure and the fractal dash technology lived for 12 months average, approximately twice as long!

EMF Effects on Fruitflies

In this experiment, fruit flies were tested to analyze the effects of EMFs on longevity and the health, as well as the mediation of the fractal dash technology. 

ELFs in the Alpha group with no mediation proved deadly!
Simply put, fruit flies cannot survive in a strong EMF field. The only difference in the Beta group was the introduction of the fractal dash technology.

Live Blood Microscopy

In this study, water activated by the fractal dash technology was ingested, and live blood microscopy pictures were taken before and after. The human blood life-force serves as an intrinsic indicator for the qualitative changes induced by the energy of the fractal dash. The implications once again support the fact that the technology increases cells’ energy and ability to maintain negentropy and hence retain life-force and form observed as cellular integrity.

 Photo 1: the client's blood is taken prior to any exposure.
Clumping of the erythrocytes can be seen.

Photo 2: the same person's blood, taken 45 minutes after
the exposure to the fractal dash. Already improved, the
erythrocytes are singular and free in the plasma.

Photo 3: the same blood as Photo 1. The difference here is
that eight hours have elapsed and the blood
is dead! Only cell fragments are recognizable.

Photo 4: the same blood as in Photo 2. After eight hours
you can see the blood is still alive and the cells
still have their cellular integrity.

EMF Effects on Muscle Resistance

In this experiment, a total of 151 individuals were tested for the effects of EMFs on muscle contraction. 134 of the participants experienced a significant weakening as a result of their exposure to the electromagnetism of the household appliances.

The first reading that was taken was the baseline reading, used as a measure of comparison throughout the study. The second reading was taken with the subject’s hand resting on EMF generating devices. The third reading was then taken, with the only difference being that the circuit breaker of the device was now covered by the fractal dash technology.
Reading 1 (Baseline): 60.6 lbs
Reading 2 (Exposed to EMF): 50.7 lbs
Reading 3 (Exposed to Modulated EMF): 69.9 lbs

Even brief exposure to the levels of electromagnetism typically associated with household appliances can result in a significant decline in muscular resistance and capacity. Second, the presence of the fractal dash technology on the circuit breaker was shown to reverse the loss of energy caused by exposure to electromagnetism. In most cases, it actually led to an increase in overall muscular capacity. These findings strongly indicate that the fractal dash technology could be applied to reverse the negative biological effects of buildings' electromagnetic fields.

Mixing proportions

  1. One 1 gallon-size jar container mixed with 2 gallons of paint will yield more than 2.5 gallons of total paint (about 9.5 liters)
  2. Three 1 gallon-size jar containers mixed with 6 gallons of paint will yield more than 7.5 gallons of total paint (about 28 liters)
  3. Six 1 gallon-size jar containers mixed with 12 gallons of paint with will yield more than 15 gallons of total paint (about 58 liters)
For mixing with other materials, like concrete or other materials, please contact us at

Create more fractality in your
materials and space

Pick the quantity you need: 

1x gallon-size jar container
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6x1 gallon-size jar containers
$ 1,430 USD

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