The MAYU Swirl uses water-enhancing vortex technology to harness the gentle power of the spiral motion and deliver reoxygenated, rebalanced, and restructured water. As nature intended.

Mimic the Essence of Spring Water
Mayu Swirl improves the quality and taste of any water poured into it.
The vortex restructure and aerates the water with fresh oxygen, after its long journey running compressed through straight pipelines.

A Breath of Fresh Water

The MAYU Swirling pitcher harnesses the gentle, elemental power of the spiral motion to deliver reoxygenated, rebalanced, and restructured water for a superior hydration experience. This water-enhancing carafe recaptures lost vitality with an innovative vortex technology inviting oxygen in to balance, alkalize and manifest your water’s true taste and texture.
Water, like fine wine, needs to breathe to express its best flavor. 

The 3 Steps to Create Spring Water in Your House! 

Did You Know?

Water that's always in motion tastes better because it reflects nature's rich and abundant water cycle. When you use the Swirl, its adding life to your water by restoring its inherent movement and structure
So when you drink from the Swirl, you get: 

Water that's full of oxygen

Increased pH levels  

Less chlorine and CO2

Plus, the mesmerizing vortex makes it a lot easier to stay hydrated!

Perfect-Vortex Technology 

The porcelain base is the vortex generator. It uses solid-state load cells that sense the presence of the carafe in order to begin the swirling motion automatically; in turn, it calibrates the strength and speed of the aerator disc, according to the amount of water in the carafe, thus creating a constant and perfect vortex.

Supreme water quality

MAYU Swirl helps your water get its groove back with a gentle whirlpool motion that pulls in oxygen while balancing alkalinity to manifest its ideal taste and texture.

We Are Mostly WATER. 

We are incredibly minded about what we eat, but what about what we drink?
Stay well hydrated and treat yourself to the best water possible for healthy long life. Every drop counts.

- You can turn your filtered water into living water at home, eliminating the need for single-use plastic bottles.
- Our technology provides you with living water, which contains natural minerals and electrolytes.
- Our water is oxygenated, which enhances the taste and benefits of hydration.

With the MAYU Swirl you can be confident that the water that is good to you is also good for the planet.

The Base

The Vortex Generator rests inside the Swirl's hand-made porcelain base.
Place the carafe on the base will automatically start the Swirl, calibrating its force according to the amount of water in the carafe. Gently tap the grooved feature-like touch sensor to turn it on/off.

Made out of pure Jingdezhen porcelain colored with only natural mineral colorants, each design is uniq one-of-a-kind pattern, inspired by a pebble stone found at the bottom of a flowing river.

Mayu Swirl makes your drinking water BETTER. How?

  • Infusion of oxygen - The swirling motion infuses fresh atmospheric oxygen to your water.
  • Evaporation / release of volatile compounds - including chlorine, THMs, CO2, unwanted odors, and other VOCs (Volatile Organic Compound).
  • Raised pH levels - The dissolved release of CO2 triggers a chemical chain reaction, reflected in increased levels of pH.
  • Improved taste - The process of aeration means better, tastier, even sweeter water!
  • These, plus the high aesthetics of the mesmerizing vortex, lead to an increase in water intake. Win!

The Mayu Swirl alone will NOT remove bacteria or pathogens found in water.

Aeration is a proven method to accelerate the evaporation of some toxic volatile compounds. 
With your Swirl, you should be using filtered water or pure spring water

The effectiveness of the Swirl in increasing
water quality

The experiment tested a sample of water from different resources, such as tap water, Reverse Osmosis (RO), etc. before and after using the MAYU Swirl device, measuring the levels of dissolved oxygen (DO) in water.

The results showed that MAYU Swirl was able to increase dissolved oxygen levels to full saturation (higher than 90%) in less than ten minutes, which is 6,000 faster than water that stands still!

Mayu Products

You can choose a base from 4 different colors!

$179 USD

MAYU Swirl // Earth

$179 USD

MAYU Swirl // Graystone

$179 USD

MAYU Swirl // Dolomite

$220 USD

MAYU Swirl // Onix

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