This special matress is designed to create a radiation sanctuary in your bedroom. Transforms natural and artificial EMFs.

Nowadays, it’s very difficult to completely shield from all electromagnetic fields, and even if one did so (creating a Faraday Cage) that could have further implications as one would
be caged in the EMFS from inside a house.

The Biomatress instead of shielding, uses special technology to convert the electromagnetic fields and make them suitable to be tolerated by the human body through the generalized application of Lenz's law.

We have been using this mattress for many years, after many issues with sleeping... 

If it’s not possible to move your bed, and you cannot avoid sleeping over a geophysical anomaly, it’s recommended that you get the harmonizing mattress cover. Apart from the EMF solution, it offers a solution for geophysical anomalies: it has a special technology that includes magnets, which offer a homogenous field to sleep on, as they break down the gamma radiation found on those locations.

Also it allows you to sleep with your head on North and feet on South, no matter what orientation your bed actually has. At the same time, the magnets and special bamboo ionic fabric assist healing while you sleep. 

This special mattress cover uses patented technology, proven over 40 years of research,
to absorb all EMFs surrounding a bed area and transform them into harmonic waves
that have the minimum side effects for human biology.


Artificial EMF

Nuclear Physicist and Professor of Ordinary Role of Electronic Measurements Bruno Brandimarte carried out experiments to check the efficiency of the biomatress in November 2019.

With the purpose of scientifically demonstrating the cancellation capability of the electrosmog sources emission by the biomatress, a series of experiments was carried out with a high end range oscilloscope Rohde & Scharz.

The oscilloscope has been connected to a couple of square antennas on 2 separate channels.

The first antenna captures the environmental signals that will be displayed on the oscilloscope with a yellow wave.

The second antenna captures the signals produced in phase opposition by the biomatress (Lenz and Faraday- Neumann’s Law effect) visible on the oscilloscope with a green wave

The antenna is placed up to about 60 cm higher than the biomatress positioned on the bed which producing a signal of -40 V/m that opposes, annulling the signal of the same intensity with a positive sign, captured by the environmental antenna.

Also , a Wi-Fi rooter was added as an additional source of radio waves that the oscilloscope hooked up, recognising it as the main signal while allowing to display the previous signal and get a result of cancellation of all the captured signals.

Despite the multiple signal captured in the environment, ranging from 100 MHz up to some GHz, the biomatress reproduces as many opposing signals, that due to Lenz and Faraday-Neumann’s Law, have cancelled those of incoming electrosmog signals.  

Geophysical anomalies

In another experiment, a Georythmogram Procedure (skin resistance measurements) according to Dr. Ernst Hartmann was carried out by Engineer Giacomo De Vito, in order to measure a person’s biological sensitivity to a location, including the effects of underground water courses, geological faults, earth networks or other kinds of geophysical anomalies.

Geophysical anomalies emit gamma radiation, which is broken down by the special magnet system of the biomatress.

As can be seen in the graph, the skin resistance significantly drops for a person sleeping over a geophysical anomaly when using the biomatress, which signifies lower stress levels for the body.

Create a sleep sanctuary in your bedroom

Pick your biomatress size according to your bed dimensions (length x width in cm)

190/200cm x 80/90/100cm
€ 1,199 EUR
190/200cm x 100/120cm
€ 1,359 EUR
210/220cm x 90/100cm
€ 1,299 EUR
         190/200cm x 140cm
     € 1,859 EUR
190/200cm x 160/170/180cm
€ 1,999 EUR
210/220cm x 160/180/200cm
€ 2,299 EUR

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