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Turkey Seminar

Join us now for the biggest transformation of your life!


3 days Seminar
"The Sacred Science of Ancient Temples"

A Journey into Sacred Geometry and Earth´s Fields

17-19 May 2019
Bodrum, Turkey

Come and enjoy a playful and deep journey in the magical world of Sacred Geometry and Temples!

From the ancient past to the modern times, humans have been experimenting with various architectural approaches, according to the era, the specific functions and his own level of Consciousness. Nowadays, in spite of all the technological evolution and tools in our hands, there are still so many unanswered questions regarding the use and purpose of ancient temples and megalithic monuments: 

1) How where they built, why were they built at locations with specific properties and with the use of particular material? 

2)What is sacred geometry and why was it incorporated in the design of ancient temples?

3)Why did the ancient people and later mystics and masons spend so much time, energy and resources to build these structures?
4) Was it merely for divine worship or were there other functions more complex in nature?

This seminar will be both theoretical and practical, synthesizing cutting edge science and spirituality. The scope is to deeper understand the design and function of temples so we can reestablish a relationship with them in another level, not connected to religion.

We will go through the various geophysical location parameter of earth radiation, discover the scientific properties for choosing a sacred place, explore various ancient monuments such as mounds, megaliths, pyramids, stone circles, ancient greek temple and attempt explaining the possible function of building such incredible structures all around the world. 

The seminar will be unfolded in 2 and a half days, through presentations and talk as well as practical exercises, meditations and other experiential activities.


FRIDAY 17 May  (19:00 - 21:30)   
Introduction to Temples and Sacred Geometry, dynamic meditation
SATURDAY 18 May (9:00 - 19:30)
Qigong exercise with Hakan Onum (1 hour)
Fundamentals of golden ratio with Tufan Guven.
Liberation dance. Introduction to Space Harmonics and Fractal Science with Lydia and Arturo.
Lunch and discussions.
The dynamics and intelligence of the Earth’s fields. Applications on humans, animals and plants. Sacred Geometry and Temple drawings. Temple meditation with Lydia and Arturo.

SUNDAY 19 May (9:00 - 19:30)
Qigong exercise with Hakan Onum (1 hour)
Five platonic solids dance. Analysis of Temples around the world and their mysterious link to Earth’s fields with Lydia and Arturo.
Lunch and discussions.
Science of bioactive fields with Dan Winter, Q&A (via Skype conference call).
Sacred design and scientific functions of Temples. Group exercise creating a mandala‐blueprint of a Temple. Closing meditation with Lydia and Arturo

Important notes:
Book your own accommodation to suit your own budget.
The conference will be in English and Turkish.

+ ADD ON TEMPLE TOUR 20 May  (8:30 - 19:30)
In this beautiful 1 day tour we will visit important temples of Ancient Greece and we will have the opportunity to experience directly the Science of Space Harmonics, which is related to both geophysical anomalies and sacred geometry design.
We will do meditations and energy exercises to connect to the power of these sacred places so we can imprint their field on our field

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Lydia Isabel de León, Ph.D., Architect, Master in Bioclimatic

is a Greek Architect and Wellness Coach, with a focus on the relation of buildings on health and well-being. She holds a PhD in Physiology on the subject of the effect on geophysical anomalies on biology and has published in peer-review journals and conferences. For 15 years she has has been researching the relation of of ancient temples and their location. She is the creator of Healing Architecture.  


Arturo Ponce de León, Architect, Engineer, Psychologist

is a Mexican Architect, Engineer, Psychologist and expert in Sacred Geometry, which he has been teaching for 20 years and applying to architectural design in smaller and larger scale projects. He is the founder of Psicogeometria, Arqka, Sacred Geometry University and author of two books. He is an international speaker in universities, conferences and seminars. 


Dan Winter, Scientist, Inventor

Dan Winter’s background is as multi-faceted as his viewpoint. Graduating with honors from the University of Detroit, Dan pursued graduate studies in psychophysiology and the origin of languages. In addition to his academic background, he has worked as a Systems Analyst with IBM, an industrial metallurgist and crystallographer. He has undertaken many diverse studies, from quantum physics to modeling at the MIT space lab to developing the early biofeedback prototype equipment as Dr. Albert Axe’s protégé. Widely traveled, Dan has sojourned to study at the Gurdjieff School of sacred gymnastics, in Florence with Buckminster Fuller, the Gizah pyramids, Israel, the Andes and at Findhorn.


Tufan Güven, Biophoton Therapist

Tufan’s background is in finance sector focused on hedge fund management. Currently a biophoton therapist (Biontologist,, investigative writer (, organizer (, researcher of the occult and esoteric, and a professional DJ ( He is teaching fractal field physics and holographic models of reality ( Also, an organizer of spiritual events in Istanbul, Izmir and Bodrum, Tufan has introduced many international teachers and healers as well as healing modalities to Turkey including Biontology. He writes in multiple platforms locally and internationally.


Hakan Onum, Instructor & Therapist of Internal Arts

Absolved German High School of Istanbul and The Technical University of Istanbul as industrial engineer. Speaks German and English.  Started as industrial engineer with his career; shifted his concern from ergonomics (the relation of men and work environment) to quantum physics, chaos theory, new biology (morphic resonance, morphogenetic fields; vitalist biologist Rupert Sheldrake), green thinking, deep ecology, biocentrism (Robert Lanza), which presents relative advanced and holistic paradigm of life, to The Chinese Cosmology, Chinese arts for healing and spiritual development (internal arts), and to the long established spiritual traditions like Shamanism, Vedism, Daoism, Buddhism, Sufism and the way of the American Natives. 


Tufan Guven
+90 532 352 19 33


2.5 days seminar
Certificate of assistance from Geophilia Institute

Investment € 190
Book your place with only €50
(non refundable)

"this seminar changed my life, at the begining I did not know why I was so attracted for Sacred Geometry but then I understood everything about it.  It is how Lydia & Arturo says, the begining of a new healthy life." - Leslie, Greece

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