The greek root geo- means earth, gaia.
The greek root -philia means love, friendship, relation, harmonic link.
Geophilia is the love for the earth, the way to create coherence between your internal and external space.


For 20 years we have been researching the deep truth of what makes us happy and healthy. 
We found some answers in the scientific world and others in eastern philosophical practices.
Luckily we are now living in an era of massive amount of information and that help us discover what is the missing link between our internal space (from our skin and inside) and our external space (beyond our skin): a fractal space

The Science

Technically speaking it is called "harmonic wave interference" but that can sound very distant and unapproachable. In Layman terms it is how you orchestrate beautifully a lot of different sounds, events, memories, emotions, thoughts or things into one single song. The song of harmony.

As we said before, fractal space is the missing link of your internal and your external world. And that is so important and crucial to realize because our health depends on the way we embed or not the inside and the outside.

The Heart

As well as our brain is made of neurons, our heart has an intrinsic cardiac ganglion that controls the heart rate and is the "brain" of your heart that creates an intuitive field of information.

Yes, you have a brain in your heart that is responsible for creating your best possible scenario and decisions of your life.

The Brain

A study made by Dr. Joseph Kirschvink, from the California Institute of Technology found that there are:

- 5 million magnetite crystals per gram of brain cell
- 100 million magnetite crystals per gram of cerebral cortex.

Magnetite crystals can sense very weak signals and react to them.

Magnetite reacts over one million times more sensitive to an external magnetic field than any other biological matter.

This means that external magnetic fields directly influence our brain and disturb many functions of our metabolism.

DNA is a Fractal Antenna

Your DNA is a living device acting as an antenna that emits and receives electromagnetic scalar waves from the environment and from within yourself. Your DNA is literally a fractal antenna in electromagnetic fields. So, when you make a good decision you tune in a specific frequency and resonate into a very specific emotion.

When you feel sad there is a geometric pattern for sadness, when you feel happy also there is one for happiness. So, linking the invisible patterns inside your DNA and outside your skin will give you the necessary tools to empower yourself and be free to decide whatever you want to live. Check the full peer reviewed scientific article here. 


Geometry is the recipe where information is stored, it is the carrier wave.

When geometry is very coherent is called for many centuries among different cultures Sacred Geometry.

It has nothing to do with religion even though it has been used by religion to create power and beauty in buildings, alphabets and rituals.


Our physical reality is made of fields.

This things that we touch that we feel them as solid are basically very strong coherent dense fields.

So, physical waves are the fluid through which information travels.

This fields are made of waves and they travel through two types of movement:
- longitudinal, let's say horizontal, and
- transverse, let's name it vertical.  

Harmonic Fields

That is why in all cultures in different latitudes and longitudes we, as humans, have been using very specific geometric patterns in the space where we live and work.

The use of wave harmonizers can create a better link, a better sound in the orchestra of your internal world and your external reality.

Human Cells

So imagine all these fields, all this waves almost perfectly embedded to create your physical body.

This same fields create more than 100 trillion cells that your body has and they emit and receive millions of different types of waves and geometric structures that interact with your environment.

The Fields

The fields that exists in your external space are invisible for the vast majority of people.

With certain very specialized tools we can see, measure and evaluate this invisible fields and knowing their nature and behavior we can influence them to generate a positive response.  

If your invisible external fields reality is very incoherent it can lead to depression, affect negatively your health, your mood, your productivity and your energy levels.

The Coherent State

Also it is true that improving the coherence of your external space with your internal coherence will lead you to a healthier, wealthier and happier life. That is a fact.

So, what are you waiting for to increase the coherence of your internal and external space harmonics? 

Yes, I choose a better life
to thrive and prosper!

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